Trip to Sangla Valley

Author : Amrit Chadda
Posted On : 06/01/2011
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Destinations : Sangla Valley, Narkanda, Rampur

Sangla as its name specifies - "Sang" means "Light" and "la" means "pass" in Tibetan language. Sangla is very-very beutiful valley and you can feel natural beauty all around.

Memorable trip to Sangla valley with family members

I along with my family members planned for outing to Sangla Valley which is in Kinnaur. So as the program gets finalize we have to make all arrangements for that. First of all we purchased the ticket for Volvo bus.
We started the journey from Chandigarh at 8:00 Am on 11 April,2011 , we were five family members. we get into the bus at 8:00 AM in the morning. Around 10:00 AM
we reached at Sanwara which is 5 km back from Dharampur. Bus stopped there for 20 minutes. We took tea and paranthas there. We saw there so many buses were there then we
asked to one the persons about this he told us that every bus which passes this way take a short stay here.
Next station was Solan. Solan is very beautiful place which is at high altitude. Weather was very pleasant there. we reached at Shimla at 1:00 PM. We had to change the bus from there, because Volvo bus service is for Shimla. The timing for the next was 2:00 PM. So we had one hour for wondering there. But we decided to take ticket is advance. There was a long queue we also joined and it took 15 minutes to get ticket. Now our next destination was Narkanda which is about 70 km from Shimla. Narkanda is also very beautiful place and situated at an altitude of 2708m, is located amidst fragrant pine forest and provides an awe-inspiring view of snowy peaks.
In fact I would say every place which is there in the way from Shimla to upper area is very beautiful. Once you visit those places you can feel the natural beauty. Very curve roads are there. One can enjoy the journey here. We had decided to had night stay there at Narkanda. Once you go away from Shimla we will feel the difference in everything.
Finally we reached at Narkanda. We had booked two rooms there. but the hotel was at distance of about 3 km from bus stand. It was dark at night so we have to check in the hotel. So we moved towards the hotel and we checked in the hotel at 8:30 PM. There are so many hotels are available at Narkanda so accommodation is not a problem in summers. We relaxed in the hotel and next day early in the morning we visited cricket ground and watched local match there.
After that we moved to Hattu peak which is a nearby famous place around Shimla. It took nearly an hour by trekking to reach there which is awesome place. Local people told us about the temple "Hattu Mata", a religious place to visit, also famous for other activities like skiing and hiking.
Haru Peak
Hattu peak
After visiting at Narkanda we moved to Sangla valley which is our final destination of this tour which is about 170Km from Narkanda via Rampur. Sangla is in Kinnaur district and is situated at the altitude of 8,900 ft. The road leading to Sangla valley is very challenging. It’s also known as home of Lord Shiva.
After reaching at Sangla we visited a small village named Sangla village. As this is very small village but there are so many guesthouses and hotels. So here also accommodation is not a problem. So need to carry food or sleeping bags if you want to limit yourself for Sangla valley, you should go for trekking along the valley following the course of Baspa river. Sangla valley is also known as Baspa valley. Sangla valley is popular for Banzara camp.
There we asked one of the person about famous places to visit near Sangla valley, he told us about a small village Rakcham which is 14 Km away from Sangla and also about Banzara camp which is on the way from Sangla to Rakcham.
All of us planned to go there and started journey towards Rakcham. After some time we passed Banzara camp which is surrounded by mountains all around and is set on the banks of the Baspa river that surges through the valley. Over there in Banzara camp Swiss-style tents have been placed. Next stop was Rakcham. Rakcham is also very small village, here accommodation may be the problem because only two or three guesthouses were there.
Here is view of Banzara Camp -

Banzara Camp

We went to one the guesthouse which offers a good river view. We spent night there and next day morning we have to get back to home.
This is the awesome experience of my life. Really Upper area of Himachal Pradesh is like Heaven on earth.

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