A small Trip to Bangalore

Author : Abhijot
Posted On : 08/28/2012
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Destinations : Bangalore, Usoor Lake, Mantri Mall, Forum Mall, Iskon Temple, Tipu Sultans Palace

Enjoying the weekend in Bangalore.

 I departed from Delhi airport at 9:00am for Bangalore. I reached Bangalore at 9 am and then moved to Hotel. It took me around 1:3o hr to reach my hotel. I enjoyed the rest of the day enjoying the city. I enjoyed the Afternoon time in Mantri mall as it is the biggest mall in Bangalore. It is a grand mall with many foreign brands as well. One must spend at least 1/2 of a day to enjoy the mall; full day would be the best.Then,  I went to Usoor Lake, Enjoyed the Peaceful environment around it. I went to the Hotel after having dinner, and took rest.


Next day, I went to explore Bangalore. We hired a taxi for full day. Tourist taxies are easily available. We went to see Bull temple first of all. There is a Huge ancient bull statue in the temple, the statue is 12 feet, made from a single rock. There is Dodda Ganpati temple along with the bull temple. We saw people performing wedding in this temple. After this, we went to see Tipu Sultan's Palace, it dates around 1790, it is made of wood and is a well maintained historical palace. The next was Lalbagh Botanocal Garden, it is a really big and must visit place. The bagh provide us with a great view of the city, from the top of the rock present inside the Garden. The bagh has tremendous amount of Flowers, trees and much more. There is a cactus house in the bagh which has a huge number of cacti. This house is only open for 1 month in a year. Best part of this garden is a well maintained lake in the garden. The lake presents us with a panoramic view. The palm trees present around the lake adds to its beauty, I felt like staying there for long, but was short of time. The Next destination was Shiva Temple, one must not miss visiting this temple. It has got a huge Statue of lord Shiva surrounded by manmade mountains on all sides, It gives us a feeling of being in “Kailash Parbat”, the residence of Lord Shiva. It also has a huge statue of  Lord Ganesha  at the entry. There are two artificial caves presenting us the 12 holy places of Lord Shiva.


At Last, We went to see “Iskon Temple”. This is a magnificent temple. No electronic goods, bags, handbags are allowed in this temple; everything needs to be submitted at the counters.  The temple is quite peaceful; sitting in the temple gives peace of mind. After that, We went to the Hotel had dinner and left for our flight back to Delhi. With this we ended our Weekend trip to Bangalore.

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