Cape Town International Kite Festival

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Destinations : Cape town

A wonderful kite festival on beach.

It was not difficult for my parents, brother and me to decide our annual holiday abroad. The consensus destination was Cape Town International Kite Festival South Africa falling in the month of October in the Muizenberg, in a beach side suburb of the city. We landed at the Cape Town the previous evening and stayed in a hotel near the airport. Next morning, we left for Muizenberg, south of Cape Town on the Atlantic coastline 25 km away.  We hit the road at 8 in the morning. It was rush hour and we took 90 minutes to commute the distance.  Muizenberg is named after the mountains that surround it. It is besides False Bay Coast situated in Cape Peninsula. It is beach resort on the side of Indian Ocean.


The drive till the destination was smooth and the scenery kept us occupied. On arrival, we checked into the hotel and were ready to enjoy the town. The international Kite festival has been hosted by this town for more than a decade now. The city has many categories of kite fliers most of them doing so for a hobby. The Festival participants are proficient kite flyers full of energy to bring laurels to the international event. Each year more than 20,000 tourists collect here to witness the show.  In late October, it was the start of spring and fragrance filled the lazy breeze. Blooms were visible in and around the place.

We inquired more about the festival from the hotel inquiry and were told that kite flying in and around Zandvlei lawns had stalls of food, rides for children, entertainment show, craft shops and music all to enjoy. The timings were from 10.00 am in the morning till 18.00 into the night. Locals thronged the place making use of local train. Parking space was in ample. Entry was charged by a nominal rate both for children and adults. 
The sixteenth Kite Festival theme was Uplifting Mind and Body. The host organization was Cape Mental Health along with broadcasting partner Heart 104.9 FM. The organizing agency had partnership also with Boomerang, Cape Town tourism, Peninsula Beverages and People’s Post. The finances generated through the event go to help people with mental health problems among disadvantaged communities. The Kite Festival creates awareness among the population about the necessity of getting treatment for mental and psychiatric disabilities without shame. The funds help those who cannot afford treatment.
We hired a taxi reached the lawns purchased the ticket and watched the event. There were some excellent hand crafted local produced kites in multiple hues. International kites were available from Indonesia, Malaysia, Europe and USA. The lure of the cash prize made the competition all the more interesting and challenging. The best of the kite flying skills were exhibited to the delight of the spectators. Each day the event was judged and winners selected.
We saw bat kites dancing in the open sky with the breeze. We were told it had a striking resemblance to the traditional kites of Indonesia and Malaysia. The design travelled to Cape through immigrants belonging to South East Asia. Most kite fliers give credit of their knowledge and skill in making and flying of kite to the older generations. The skies get filled with kites of different shapes sizes and color some of them gigantic and magnificent. The expert kite flyers from across the world are able to maneuver the kites skillfully in the congested space gaining height or lowering it to escape being destroyed. Not all kites are made out of paper. Locals enjoy the kite flying bringing their own kite or just relax and watch the fun in the sky among floating kites. Children from about 50 schools with special educational needs contribute to the week-end event by decorating the kites and enjoy mass fly of kites. These children enjoy by participating in face painting, magic shows, puppet dance, balloon sculpting, games interactive in nature, dance competition etc.
Accommodation is not a problem in the town. There are hotels, lodges, guest houses bed and breakfast self catering places to choose from. Holiday homes apartments and suits are also in demand in the peak season. The prices are affordable and suit every pocket.  Cape Town housing the international Airport is 87.4 km away.
On the first day, we enjoyed the kite festival throughout the day. We were proud to be part of fund-raising celebrations of Cape Mental Health stressing awareness and positive health in a fun way method. It is true persons of all age groups suffering from mental disabilities when helped can develop shills and can lead a respectable lives with support and care. The creative colorful kite festival brings about fruitful changes in the mental and physical health of a section of the population.
Next day, was our return journey. We felt happy as we could contribute in our way for the welfare of the society.

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