Memorable Trip to Spain

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Posted On : 08/09/2012
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Destinations : Madrid, San Sebastian, Football stadium

Explore Spain, the food, Historical monuments, Beaches are all amazing..

We are a group of five friends studying in Britain for our post graduation degree. We decided to make use of college break to visit Spain for five days. We had booked our tickets well in advance for October visit and got a good deal on prices. We were aware there would be less of tourist rush. We landed at one of the busiest airport in Europe "the Barajas" in Madrid. Our internet search had helped us to decide mode of transportation for the onward journey to Bilbao by bus. The five hour journey was priced at 30 Euros. Moreover frequency of bus was hourly and available all through the day. To catch the bus we reached Avenida de America bus terminal. We first availed the free shuttle service of the Aerocity- Airport to reach stop T1 to catch the connecting bus for Avenida de America bus station. We had booked our bus ticket online and e-ticket was available with us. Buses ply every 12 minutes and the distance is covered in 30-40 minutes. On arrival to the airport we made reservations for the bus using the airport phone lines. Once out of the airport we found the climate warm and dry. Soon the bus arrived, we settled ourselves and enjoyed the passing by landscape with the soft music being played in the bus. By late evening, we were at our destination. We took a taxi and reached our hotel where we had made advance booking. Rest of the evening we relaxed in the hotel, took an early dinner and went off to sleep.

On day two, we headed for the Guggenheim Museum in a taxi after taking breakfast. Half a day was spent browsing through the historically vital artifacts displayed creatively in the building. We had lunch and went to the nearby The Museo de Bellas Artes. It was soon tea time and we headed for the hotel. For rest of the day we rested in the hotel.

The third day we strolled through the town as we wanted to discover the old town in our own way. On the way we stopped at the cathedral and then took a taxi to view Plaza Circular built 1968 has the tallest skyscraper the Bank tower, Plaza de Miguel de Unamuno with fashion boutiques and French garden as well as 118th century Plaza Nueva with ancient arches made of stone. We had eatables in the small eateries existing nearby and were back to the hotel by evening. After refreshing ourselves we went to enjoy the Arriage Theatre for an evening show. We returned late and went to bed.

On the fourth day hired a taxi to visit the beach at San Sebastian in the adjoining region. All day long it was the sun the sand and the water. By end of the day we were pleased with the tan we acquired on our skin.

The fifth day it was a Tuesday and we had half a day before the flight. We decided to go to the football stadium existing from early 20th century the Estadio de Futbol de San Mames on the outer periphery of the city. It can accommodate 40,000 viewers. Entry was charged. We made use of bars in the vicinity and were back in time to the hotel. We packed and took airport shuttle service to reach the airport to catch outbound flight to London.

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