A Trip to The City of Angels

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Posted On : 09/02/2011
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Destinations : Bangkok

Bangkok is capital of Thailand. And it is largest urban area . Bangkok become captial in 1768. this city are popular for rapidly changing. It is amazing city .

                                                      A Trip to The City of Angels
Starting to describe a place always poses a challenge, simply because its hard to temper one's superlatives or expletives and still stay true to the experience. We were the two friends, started our journey from Delhi to Bangkok by Thai airline. Before writing my experience about trip i would like to tell about the basic information about this place. Bangkok is a capital city of Thailand and also a major urban city. Locally this city is known as Krung Thep which have a meaning in Thai and it means the city of angels. In ancient times the trade started to begin from as so it the oldest trading city in Thailand. Bangkok is also a rapidly changing city. Bangkok may not be the kind of city you'd fall in love with, but it is an amazing city nonetheless. There are many luxurious hotel in Bangkok.
We arrived in Bangkok by Thai airlines. We got our luggage from custom and hired a taxi and move towards the hotel. We reached in hotel around 7 pm according to the Thailand time zone. Bangkok is 1:30 hour ahead of Delhi. We got fresh and had some snacks and went out the market around the hotel. We wander that market approximately one and half hour. We entered in hotel at 9:15 pm. We had dinner and enjoy TV for a while and then went to bed. Next morning we woke up at 7 am got fresh and had dinner then planed to discover the Bangkok city.
Next morning we woke up at 6:30 am had breakfast and decided to visit the city's attractions. We went to the Floating markets . It was the awesome place where you will find lot of people enjoying boating, basically you can have an experience of rowing here. You will also find the local people busy in carrying goods from one place to another by using these boats. You will also find the food vendors and other vendors selling there goods to tourists and they are loudly shouting about their goods, especially food vendors having buckets full of food and fruits. We clicked some photos of floating market and bought some fruits, and went to the next place Chao Phraya River and Waterways.

 Bangkok is a historical place that contains the history of lot of communities which mainly flourish about the Chao Phraya Riverbanks. Places of Wat Arun and Phra Sumeru are the most beautifull and oldest settlements in Bangkok, where there is a huge hub of stilt houses, markets and complex waterways. One of the most beautiful areas with great scenerio is the riverside which reflects a beautiful sunrise and sunset. In river you will find a lot of water taxis roaming and having fun around historical landmarks and luxurious hotels.
It was the awesome place we clicked some photos and went back to hotel.
Next Morning we got fresh and had breakfast and went to the rest of attractions of the Bangkok. It was our last day in Bangkok so we decided to cover the maximum places. We hired a taxi and went to a manufacturing firm  which is producing Thai Silk from last three decades, this seems purely an art and this firm changed the Silk industry forever. We wander this  place for two hour, then we went to Siam Ocean world. After having lot of fun there we walked to a snake farm which is located in central Bangkok. You can see here lot of snakes belonging to different species. These snakes are not dangerous and you can also have fun with them like taking pictures with a cobra wrapped around you neck. We enjoyed a lot there and after we decided you leave Bangkok. We came back to Hotel, packed

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