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Destinations : America

"The United States of America largest country by total area. And it is third laregest population and land area . US is one of the world's most multicultural nations. It is biggest country in the world. It it famous all thinks "

Friends I will share with you my experience of the United States which was like a dream come true for me. Although we have to change many planes and have to exchange many taxies the overall experience was awesome. Our first destination was New York where we spend almost one week . New York was the first advanced city I have ever seen till that time. Although some day we stayed at the hotel when the city was experiencing heavy showers. The glimpse of the our visit to New York Harbor is still alive in my conscious level. We took the ferry from Battery Park over to Liberty Island, where the Statue of Liberty stands tall and proud. I love the story of how Lady Liberty came to the New York harbor, and can still be in awe at the beauty of this statue. It really does stand for so much generosity, independence, pride, freedom a must see.

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of of liberty is one of the extreme engineering architecture. A well composed monument pounded with copper sheets and made up of steel with a great framework. It was designed in Paris by Frederie Bartholdi with the help of a well known French engineer "Gustave Eiffel" who was responsible for its design and architecture. This building is recognized as the greatest technical achievements of 19th century. Although because of the security concerns visitors are not allowed to go to the atop those days. From the New York we went to the Los Angeles. There we enjoyed the visit to the beach I also played beach volleyball there.

Venice Beach
Venice Beach where we went in Los Angles. The most populous county in Los Angeles and the ninth- most populous country in the United State. Los Angeles is a major center and a leader in finance, commerce, culture, media, entertainment, the arts, and international trade, Los Angeles ranked seventh in the United States in terms of finance, commerce, culture, entertainment, fashion, education, and other sectors. It ranked thirty-third among global cities. Los Angeles is the tourist heaven. It's an amazing state with wonderful weather almost all year round. Here are some of the many famous places you can visit in Los Angeles. As you know from my last report that i m very found of about the tourist places. 

Washington DC
Our last destination was the US capital city and that is Washington DC. We went to the White House , John F.Kennedy Center also we did kayaking for the whole day Over the canal. The White House is the home and office of the President and is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. At the east end of the National Mall stands we went to see the majestic U.S. Capitol Building, the home of US legislative branch of government. Because of increased security, the Capitol is open to the public for guided tours only.

Yose National Park
The trip to US was one of different kind especially as we had plenty of time to see every planned destination. I enjoyed the boat cruise to the Hawaii island with pleasant serene and untouched beauty of the nature. Kayaking along the canal was very adventurous in the Columbia. I would say whenever one plan a trip to any part of the US he /she must plan it wisely as there are numerous places to see which one came to know when one finds himself there and if there is lack of time then we would not be able to unleash them.

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