The Awesome Jakarta

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Jakarta is capital of Indonesia . And it is largest city of Indonesia. It located on northwest coast of Java. Jakarta country's is popular for political centre and cultural . It is global city of 2008


The Awesome Jakarta

We organized a 14 day trip from Delhi, India, to Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand, before returning to Delhi, stopping in Jakarta, Indonesia on the way. The flights were with Air Asia Indian Airlines to and from Jakarta, which involved transiting in Singapore. We started our journey from Delhi to Singapore where we spent five days and then we went to Indonesia. We arrived in Jakarta airport at 6:30 pm from Bangkok. We collect our luggage from custom and caught a cab towards the hotel. We arrived in hotel around 7:30 pm we got fresh and had little snacks. Indonesia is 1:30 hour ahead of India. After that we went to the market around the hotel, and came back to hotel had dinner and planned to discover the Jakarta.
Next day we woke up at 6:30 am got fresh and had breakfast and took a cab and went to the The National Monument "Monas". It was created in the administration of Indonesia's first president. This is a memorable monument . It contains a golden flame over the top of building which serves as a reference point for this place. It can be easily noticeable even from a greater distance . Also there is an observation desk on the top of building. We can reach the observation point of building by using the elevator. We wander that place around one and half hour and clicked some photo. After that we went to the next spot that was the Jakarta Old Town.  
Next morning we got fresh and had breakfast and planned to discover the rest of the beautiful attraction of the Jakarta's. We went to the Thousand Island. This region contains 100+ islands and a total area of 8km. The islands in this place are open to public. The island are full of facilities for tourists suck as hotels,restaurants and more fun places like underwater aquariums and swimming pools. Also there are adventurous challenging programs like survival tours in which you have to survive on island for some days. We spent there almost whole day, we came back from that place at 4:30 pm, we clicked there some pics and enjoy the nice food. Its too late to visit any attraction there so we decided to go to the the Jalan Surabaya market.
This place in Menteng is known as the must visit place in Jakarta. This is beautiful place for shopping. We did there little shopping and came back to the hotel. We had dinner and went to the bed.
Next morning we wake up and got fresh and had breakfast and decided to visit the maximum attractions of Jakarta's because it was the last day of our in Jakarta. The first place that we visited that day was A bang. It is the one of a district in Jakarta. It is a popular urban state and is famous for its shopping centers,fine dinning and high life style. Near railway station Tabang you will find a plaza Indonesia shopping mall and Grand Indonesia. These both are famous restaurants. This mall also contains department stores and designer boutiques like Versace, Armani, Mark Jacobs, Gucci and many more. We wander this place for two to three hour and went to the Sunda Kelapa Harbour.
It is in the North of Jakarta originated nearly five years ago. Today it is a museum of maritime genre and its a good place to visit. It contains lot of fish markets and also having lanes to walk and fun around . The most beautiful thing about this place is its sight. The sight is much beautiful where during sunrise when you see the wooden boats sailing around the shore. We came back to hotel picked up our luggage and went to our next destination. It was the awesome trip of my life, I did quite a lot of that and got very good prices for my purchases. By the way, the prices for almost anything in Indonesia is different for tourists and locals.

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