Adventure in Athens

Author : Amit
Posted On : 08/31/2011
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Destinations : Athens

Atlanta is capital US state of Georgia and the vanguard of the New South. It was host to the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games, gave birth to the greatest figure of the civil rights movement.

I went to Athens a long time ago about 2 years ago. I want to share my experience along with my friend. I think it would be nice to introduce about our self first , i am Amit lives in Delhi , I went to Greece with my childhood best friend Harry who also lives in Delhi. The weather in Delhi was typical early spring, but Frankfurt, where we changed planes was still having winter. Snow and cold delayed our flight from Frankfurt to Athens. When we finally got to Athens, it greeted us with brilliant sunshine and pleasant temperatures. Our first view of Greece was flying into Athens over the Aegean Sea. It is so blue. We reached Athens after a long flight and we all were tired. The first thing we did , we had some chat with cab drivers who wanted to be our guides around the city. Sometimes it is difficult to be polite & say no, but we finally got away.

National Archaeological museum
Our first stop was a National Museum which is counted a one of the best museums around the world. The museum contains the great collection of Cycladic, Minoan, Myccnaean and Greek Art. It was a classical building. We spend our whole day there as this place was so peaceful and alluring.

National Garden
Our first wonderful surprise when we saw the kids got in for free. We could easily have spent all day there and not seen everything. While there were lots of ancient artifacts from many different periods on Greek history, the most stunning was the entire floor dedicated to Greek sculptures. We were amazed at the manner in which the sculptors could make stone look like softly draping cloth, and with the realism of the bronze sculptures, down to the veins on the skins of the subjects. But, as fascinating as it was, we needed to move forward.

The Acropolis
After spending good 3-4 hours there I still remember when we did not found any Indian food we went into the Greek restaurant and Harry went into the kitchen and gave the orders by pointing at the cabbage rice and tomato and the dish prepared by the chef was really delicious. After eating full to our capacity. We headed for the metro again and then on to the Acropolis. The Acropolis is a rocky hill in the center of the city. The first thing we had decided to do was to climb, there is no shuttle to the top of the acropolis, and it is pretty steep in places. We kept stopping to look back, as the views of Athens in all directions were breathtaking and for the first time it appeared to me that Athens is huge. Upon atop the Acropolis, we first saw the Temple of Nike.

We struggled that day in search of vegetarian food and had to compromise by sticking to fast food. Although in the evening we found it after a extensive search. In the evening when we came back to the hotel we decided to relax and we went to the club and enjoyed the drink there. On the last day we decided to rent a car and went out to explore the city in a car. Driving in the Greece has its own kind of experience. We covered Agora and the National Garden that day. After spending five days in Athens we left for Delphi, another most popular archaeological site in Greece. It was a good experience to be in Athens.

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