A Week Trip to Greece

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Posted On : 08/31/2011
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Destinations : Greece

" Greece is also known as Hellas and the Hellenic Republic, Greece is land border with Albania. Greece has 12th longest coastline in world. It length is 13,676 km . "


A Week Trip to Greece

Usually I surf around web about travel and tourism and ita like a best friend of mine. We were two friends and started our journey from Delhi to Athans. The time difference between India and Greece is 2:30 hour. India is 2:30 hour ahead of Greece. The flight took around seven hours to reach in Athens. . I was very glad that we did.
After lunch we went to a popular stadium in Athens We were on our way. Our map had many places circled that our friends suggested us to visit. Then we moved to west of Athens a place called Peloponnese. It was damn interesting and a long ride. This place is a best example of natural beauty and the scenario was simply alluring . I was simply feeling that I am in heaven.             
 I am addicted to taking photos of just about everything and after passing the first two things that we regretted not stopping for we made our-self a promise. Instead of later wishing we had stopped, we were going to. Next morning we woke up at 8am had our breakfast and plan to make a memorable day in Greece. We plan to wander that city's left places we started from the Kalava that this was a awesome place. In Kalava Dr. Paul George will guide you through Kalava, pointing out the significance of South Greece bungalow architecture, the Tower Theater, old-fashioned hand rollers at a cigar factory and more. 
Trachili is a very old and traditional fishing village that looks like it came right off a calendar photo. We only found it after following the wrong road along the ocean. The scenery along the road to Trachili reminded me of the Big Sur area of UP with the high cliffs and rocky surf. We would stop every half-mile or so to take pictures and every time we did two women on bicycles would pass us until we leap frogged right into Trachili. We stopped at an outdoor cafe where they finally caught up and we learned they were both school teachers from Germany who vacation with their husbands and kids each summer in Stoupa.
When we left Koroni our next planned stop for the night would be the small fishing village of Finikouda. We found out early that road signs in Greece took some talent and a good map is the most valuable thing you can pack. They have three ways of spelling the towns on the road signs. All English letters, all Greek letters or a combination of both. And when we did get into a town the road signs seemed to disappear and we were left to finding my way through it by using nothing but a sense of direction. On our way to Finikouda we found our-self at a three-way fork in the road and no signs. Rocks were jutting out of the ground and there was barely enough room for us to pick our route between ruts and rocks. We just kept going through what felt like 100 miles of the worse road we have even ridden. When we finally hit pavement we stopped the bike, put the kickstand down, and wiped the sweat off my forehead. I almost kissed that pavement. We had only met one car the whole 5 or so miles and we figured that if I got stuck or had problems we would be there all night.
Our intentions were not to include castles in our schedule but we found one in Koroni and then Metori. The one in Metori can be seen from quite a distance and it was majestic to see from the hill coming into the town. We spent quite a long time there just taking pictures. After leaving Metori we were as far southwest as we could go so we had to head north stopping in Piles for lunch. Our plan was to ride north to Patra where we could stay the night before taking a ferry the next morning across the Patraikos Gulf and then eventually catch another ferry to the island of Corfu.  Next day we came back to Athens and took a flight to our next destination. It was the awesome experience to visit the first Olympic country.

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