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Posted On : 08/30/2011
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Destinations : Atlanta

" Atlanta is the capital of US state of Georgia. And it is most popular city in US state of Georgia.Atlanta has great figure in Olympic Games. here the most beautiful places to view."

Hello friends I am Amit born and brought up in Delhi. I share with you experience of my brief trip to Atlanta , USA. For the first time I have travelled alone and that is also to a far distant city. I was a little bit nervous . I was mostly worried about safety as understanding the language in US was not a problem . In the end it all turned out fine, and it helped me feel a lot more confident about traveling alone in the future. I did all the packing one night before the trip and carried all my essentials which I thought was necessary. It was the month of December when I got this chance to explore the US. Since my flight was scheduled in the evening at 5:30 so I decided to reach the airport well in advance as in the evening the roads of Delhi are very busy and sometimes can take more than normal to reach the destination. I board the Kingfisher Airlines and at sharp 5:30 the plane took off to Atlanta. While on the flight I was desperately waiting to reach the Atlanta. When I reached Atlanta it was 11’o clock there initially I thought that it would be difficult to find a hotel to stay but fortunately I got the one within my budget. Next morning when I woke up had planned the list of places that I have to see in my five days of stay there.

Martin Luther Center
I started my first day from the King Center. Historic Site is comprised of historic landmarks as well as modern-day monuments and facilities. I spent my whole day there and in the evening went to the nearby cafe house and had a cup of coffee. In the morning I have planned that I will also visit the CNN Center but because of shortage of time I decided to go there tomorrow. In the evening I went to the downtown Atlanta and purchased a funky shirt for my younger brother. Since I was feeling a bit tired so I went to the pub at downtown west and had three shots of wine and then had dinner there. I reached at the hotel very late but the night was refreshing.

CNN Center
Next day I woke up on time and straight forwardly went to the CNN Center. The CNN Center is located in downtown Atlanta's heart, is Turner Broadcasting and CNN's global headquarters. Being one of popular tourist destinations for Atlanta travel, it is home to the Turner studios, Philips Arena, Official Brave's Store and the CNN studio Tours. An exciting part of my CNN Center tour is the studio of Talk Back Live where the interactive talk show called Talk Back Live is hosted daily at 3pm. From there I went to the Downtown Atlanta after getting relaxed at the hotel. Underground Atlanta is one of the most happening places to shop in Atlanta. Whatever you want to shop can be found in this attractive district located in downtown Atlanta. Everyday crowds of new shoppers come here and it's a truly rewarding experience to visit this place and experience the sheer magnificence of the many retail outlets, the discount offers and the shopping frenzy of all those who come here.

When I was coming back to the hotel I made a friend there , her name was Suzane and she told me that she was from Mexico and worked there. I offered her to the dinner and she accepted my invitation. We spend a good time that day she also told me that Atlanta has a wonderful leading museum in the US and visit to that place is must. I reached at the hotel at 11:30 at night and I watched local News channel don’t know exactly the name and after that I went asleep. Next morning I decided to visit the museum. Upon reaching there I came to know that The High museum of art is one of the leading museum in the United States, located in Atlanta Georgia as the high division of Woodruff arts center. The museum has a collection of nearly 11,000 works of art to its collection. The museum collection also includes the 19th and 20th century European art, American art, African American art, photography collection, modern and contemporary art and African art. The High museum of art has collections of various artists like Giovanni, Martin Johnson Head, Claude Monet, Chuck Close and others. The museum places special emphasis on works done by Southern artists and includes works like Paradise Gardens by Howard Finster. The museum also includes a curatorial center devoted to the field of self-taught art, a feature that is quiet distinct in American museums.

Centennial Olympic park
I had my lunch or more exactly brunch at the Centennial Olympic park. Centennial Olympic park is a 21 acre park that is located in Atlanta, down town and owned by Georgia's worlds congress center authority. The park was initially built for Olympic games as a part of the infra structure developments for summer Olympics of 1996.It is conceived as a gathering center for the people and local visitors and has a lasting legacy for the city. Surrounded by many major land marks among which are CNN center, Georgia aquarium and the world of coca cola company. The Centennial Olympic park key features fountain of rings which is a world famous interactive fountain featuring computer controlled lights and jets synchronized by music. The fountain forms a beautiful splash pad designed basically for children to frolic, as well as joggers to cool off during the heat of the day light. I enjoyed the whole evening there interacted with the other tourists from different countries.

Atlanta Botanical Garden
I was very disappointed at the last day as the time of confession has arrived as I had to board a plane in the evening at 6’O clock. On the last day I went to the Fern bank Science Center. It's has many interesting avenues through which one can learn and understand science at close quarters such as the Exhibit Hall, Forest, Planetarium, Observatory and Library ,although I learned a lot . Each of these venues showcases a particular aspect of science and is a good source for learning for both teachers and students. From there I went see the Cyclorama as it was merely at a distance of 500 meters from the science center. The Atlanta Cyclorama is the famous cylindrical panoramic painting related to the American civil war battle of Atlanta. It is believed to be as one of the largest oil paintings in the world measuring 42 feet in height and 358 feet in length. When I hire a cab to Hapeville(airport) it felt very sad as in just five days city is appearing to be like I was there from long time. But in the end as I had been granted the visa for five week so I said bye to the Atlanta with the cold heart and step into the plane. The people over there were very friendly and co-operative. It was really one of the best tour I ever had alone in my life , also I learnt a lot from the short trip.

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