One day Trip to Kasauli Hills in April

Author : Vivek Attri
Posted On : 05/24/2011
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Destinations : Kasauli

Kasauli is small town of Himachal Pradesh but very popular hill station. This place is situated at the height of around 1930 mts from sea level. Monkey point is the point of attraction there as it is heighest point in Kasauli.

One day trip to kasauli hills

Traveling is one of my passion, just like any other individual who loves to travel anytime.
First of all i would like to introduce myself, i am"Jaspreet". I hails from Chandigarh and
have traveled almost whole Northern India. But i would like to share with you my recent experience when one of mine friend "Vikas " called me at 8 on Saturday. He told me he is quite tired because of his work schedule and want to have a short break, and for that Kasauli is the most favorable option as by the evening all of us can come back to

So finally we are four persons who started off to Kasauli on the last Saturday of April , 2011. As i have been to that place many times by bus so this time we decided that we will go there on our motorbikes . As i don’t have one so i went with Vikas he has purchased his new branded favorite pulsar-150, and Anup is with Rajeev who has the older one don’t know exactly which one,
Finally we kick of our bikes from Rajeev's home at 10 who lives in sec-20 Chandigarh.

As none of us had taken our breakfast, so we decided that we will had some tea and bread, by the time we could all agree to visit a particular shop we are already entered Himachal. It was Dharampur where we stopped for our meal and take a right turn to Kasauli from here, now we are just 15 km away from Kasauli and at around 12:30 we reached the bus stop.
As there are only limited places in Kasauli where one can go but the thing that most of the tourist enjoy here is the silence of nature, as it is a small town away from busy streets.

Hill View

As i(Vivek) have been to this place many times so i told my friends that we will enjoy more if we will go without our motorbikes means on feet to visit one of the famous location in the town, i.e Monkey point. Hopefully all agreed except Anup as he has gained some fat these days and therefore he resisted that he cannot walk for 3 km, but all we gave him a jaadu ki japhi and he agreed. When we reached the monkey point peak Anup was the person who enjoyed a lot the scenic beauty of nature, We pray to Lord Hanumaan there , like everyone was doing, the place was at such a latitude that even Chandigarh, even Sukhana lake is visible from there.

View at Monkey Point


Then on the way back to bus stop we have another root, we came back via upper mall as from there we can go the Lover point. When we reached there most of the people are there along with their loved ones or girlfriends.
so Whenever you go there don’t go alone.
At the end we visited the famous Church near to the bus stand. As we are also very hungry we ate famous local burger known as band samosa.
At 6 we started from Kasauli and by enjoying and stopping midways we reached Chandigarh by 8:30 in the evening. As it was a short trip but still we enjoyed a lot.

So if you are planning for a short one day vacation then Kasauli is the best place to visit.


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