Classical Birmingham

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Posted On : 08/23/2011
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Destinations : Birmingham

" Birmingham is the heart of England.Birmingham people are know as'Brummies'.Night life is famous in this beautiful city."

Classical Birmingham

It was our first trip to Europe. I get some enjoyment out of planning the trip. I made advance reservations for three of the first four stops, then we intended on winging it after that we went to some heritage places. Then we started our journey from Delhi to Birmingham by British Airlines. India is 4:30 hours ahead then England. We caught flight from Delhi to Birmingham at 2pm according to the Indian time, it took around 8 hours to reach Birmingham. We picked up our luggage and took a cab towards the hotel. We arrived at hotel around the 7 pm according to the England time zone. We got fresh and had coffee and little snacks and relaxed after that tedious journey from Delhi to Birmingham.
Next day we woke up at 7 am and got fresh and had breakfast and planned to discover the Birmingham. We hired a cab a move towards the our first attraction, that was the place . We took ticket and enjoyed the journey of the Shakespeare Express. We also enjoyed there the traditional lunch. It was the awesome experience to travel on the steam engine.
Then we Decided to go the next attraction that was The National Sea Life Centre. We enjoyed here a lot and clicked so many pics.
Then we moved towards to the next destination and the last of the day was West Midlands Safari Par. That was a good place and we spent there almost four hours, and we clicked some funny pose. Then we went back to the hotel it was the tedious day. We had dinner and went to bed.
Next day we planned to visit the some of the city's heritage sites. We went to the the Aston Manor Transport Museum. It was setup in 1978. There is a wide range of commercial vehicles. We got some useful information about the vehicles from there. Then we went to the back to backs. It is awesome place where you will find the houses are connected like that they are same from both sides. It was a wonderful place that i have seen in my life. We clicked some pics and had our lunch there and the we decided to go to the next place.
Then we went to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens it is consist of 15 acres in Edgbaston, Birmingham.  It is open every day of the year we clicked her so many photos. We wandered it around the two hours. Then we went to the next spot that was Aston Hall. It was a awesome building. Then we came back to the hotel and relaxed and then had dinner and went to bed.
Next day it was our last day in Birmingham we woke up early in morning and got fresh and had breakfast and planned to spent our last day in Birmingham. The time was running fast that we didn't have time to visit more place in Birmingham but it was not enough that we wandered, so went back to hotel pecked our luggage and took a cab to the airport. The next destination was waiting for us so we left Birmingham in hurry. It was a awesome experience to visit the Birmingham.

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