Zurich Travel Report

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Destinations : Zurich

Zurich' the largest city in Switzerland.Located in central Switzerland at the northwestern tip of Lake Zurich.It is one of world's largest financial centres.It is considered as the cultural and commercial centre of the country beacause stock exchange headquaters and many national and international TV channel companies are also here.

Zurich Travel Report

Zurich is a Swiss town and the good thing is that is if you are a die hard traveler then you will definitely love this place and like to spend time here. It is a gateway to the other places of Switzerland and Germany. Along with beauty Zurich is also a major financial and educational center.  We started our journey from Mumbai to Zurich by Indian Airlines Flight. Mumbai is 3:30 hour ahead then Zurich. Flight took around 8 hour to reach Zurich. We caught a cab towards the hotel. It was an awesome experience to get into culture of Zurich so even if you not decided Zurich as your main destination , you might spend a day out there because this place is like a magnet and it will not let you go as my believe.
Next morning we woke up at 6:30 am got fresh and had breakfast and planned to discover to the Zurich. First of all we went to the Fraumunster Church, which was renounced church of Southern Germany. Built by Emperor Ludwig in the year 853, it is one of the most beautiful churches of Switzerland. It was our first place it was awesome. We decided to visit "Johan Jacobs Museum", Zurich (Switzerland). It imparted us knowledge of various things primarily, it told us a history of coffee in a exhibition. Such a exhibition was like one in a billion which provided a needful information regarding coffee. After visiting that place we had our lunch and continues with our determination to discover the Zurich.
Later on, we planned our route to Kunsthaus Zurich, which is famous for its classic and modern art. Rodic's gate of Hell highlights its unique collection. Here we can see work and art of great worker. We clicked here so many pics, and turned our cab towards the next attraction that was Rhein waterfall, it was 1 hour run from Zurich city. Opened all time during the year , but you can enjoy boat service only in good weather, also in the later spring when there is more water than usually. We enjoyed her a lot days was going darken we came back to hotel we arrived there around 8:30 pm. It was our first day in Zurich and we got much tired. We had our dinner and went to bed.
Next morning we got up and got fresh and had breakfast and decided to go to the other main attractions of Zurich. Somehow from hotel we get information regarding mount Pilatus, which rise high above the Lucern city and gives amazing views of lake Lucern and Swiss Alps. At large height of approx 6,992 ft, is a mountain where many hotels, cog-railway, two cable cars and a lot of outdoor activities are there. We can enjoy watching many Swiss cows grazing at the Swiss mountain sites. The aerial tram station can be fully enjoyed by riding the two gondolas.

Top view is covered by clouds which moved very quickly, when we were there. But the view at the moment when we were in the clouds, thrilled our hearts. From there we can easily get the fantastic view of Alps and Lake of Lucern below. With in the rock peak tunnels were there, which were also adventurous and provided dramatic vintage points. Finally, at last we took cable car and came back to our hotel in the evening. It was the tedious day for us, we had our dinner and went to bed.

Next day It was our last day in Zurich, so we decided to visit rest of the main attraction of Zurich city. After our breakfast, we went out and had around of old town, there we found a mall which sale juggling balls and we bought five balls. We went the main shopping street which started from the train station. After roaming here and there we felt hungry and searched for a good vegetarian restaurant. Then we went hotel and had our lunch, which was awesome. Then we decided to go Zoologischer Garden, which was a Zoo to protect animals and maintain there biological diversity in the world. 
The zoo is home to over 250 species including the endangered snow leopard and red panda. Enclosures are spacious and aim to allow the animals to wander relatively freely in environments that echo their natural habitats. There are forest, mountain, aquatic and tropical ecosystems. Kids can feed sheep, pigs, ponies and goats. The Zoo's slogan is: Those who know animals will protect them. We enjoy here a lot, we never see this much amount of species in one place we clicked here so many photos. Then we went to our last attraction in Zurich.

Zurich has botanical gardens, of which only two are official. Due to very less space, in the middle of 20th century, a new garden was developed on the edge of town, very near to University. Many new species of plants are here. Many of these cultivated plants are wild plants. Many bubble doomed green houses are here which gave a fascinating view.

We went back to the hotel and prepare our luggage for the next destination. Next morning we had little breakfast and we took a cab to the airport on our last morning. The airport at Zurich had some interesting features to look out for and enjoy. It was a wonderful trip.

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