Hong Kong Travel Reports

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Destinations : Hong Kong

" Hong Kong is surrounded by the South China Sea.It is famous for traditional Chinese culture which called is ""Feng Shui"". Hong Kong attracts the most of tourists for Disneyland Park."

Hong Kong Travel Reports

I have always wanted to be in visit Hong Kong. We have a 5:30 hour layover. Yes, 5:30 hours. We started our journey from Mumbai to Hong Kong by Indian Airlines. Before we started our journey to Hong Kong, let me told brief summary about it. Hong Kong also called the other Macao, is one of two special administrative region of people's republic of China. It is surrounded by Pearl river Delta and South China Sea, it is renowned for deep natural harbor and expansive skyline. Hong Kong covers an area of 1095 Sq. Kilometers including 260 surrounding smaller islands. Time difference of India and Hong Kong is + 2:30 hours.

We arrived at Hong Kong at 6pm according to the Hong Kong time zone. We hired a cab for the hotel. We got fresh and went to athe market around the hotel. Hong Kong boasts a fascinating mix of natural beauty, stunning harbor views and enormous skyscrapers which stand as metaphors for its financial power. This creates a pleasing jumble of modern and ancient cultures, natural and man made wonders that can really take your breath away. Add to the mix the powerful Asian currents which are blended with Hong Kong's British colonial past, and the whole city-state becomes a fascinating, cosmopolitan mosaic. We wandered the market for around two to three hour. We went hotel and had dinner and planned to discover the Hong Kong city.

Next morning we woke up at 6:30 am had breakfast and decided to visit the city's attractions. We went to the Hong Kong museum of arts. It was an awesome place. Located at 10 Salisbury Rd Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, the Hong Kong Museum of Art is open to anyone who wants to take a glimpse of Hong Kong's culture and history through its large collection of over 14,000 items ranging from calligraphy, paintings, Hong Kong treasure, art objects, antiques, and lithographs. We clicked so many photo in museum, and wander it for 2 to 3 hours.

Then we went to the next place the Hong Kong Disneyland. It is the newly open and the first ever Disneyland in Asia offers total fun and excitement for the whole family. The park is divided into four major attractions: Tomorrow land, Adventure land, Fantasy-land, and Main Street. We enjoyed here a lot and clicked some funny pics. It is a awesome place, we enjoyed yummy lunch there.

That was a good experience in the Asia's first Disneyland. The time was running fast because we had only a few days to discover the city, so we decided to visit next spot.

If you want to see a different Hong Kong, try Lamma Island. It hosts several outdoor activities such as swimming and hiking. And if you love to taste fresh Hong Kong seafood in great dining ambiance, Lamma Island is still the preferred place to go. We test here some sea foods and enjoy swimming. We spent there around three hour, and clicked so many funny pics. The day was going to its end and we decided to go back to hotel.

Next day we wanted to visit the some adventurous places so decided to go to Victoria Peak, and Lantau Island. We hired a cab and went to the Victoria peak. It is 1810 feet above sea level, the Victoria Peak is premier destination for tourists who want to take a birds eye view of downtown Hong Kong, Kowloon, and Victoria Harbor. We went to another step higher and took a 10-minute hike to the actual Victoria Peak. It was the awesome place and the amazing view of Hong Kong. We had our lunch there and came down and went to the next adventures place the Lantula Island. We went to Lantaula and took a cruise around the waters of Lantau Island and saw pink dolphins that only live in these waters. This is an awesome place.

Next day was our last day in Hong Kong city so we want to cover the all main attractions of Hong Kong. We went to the all attraction one by one like The Star Ferry, Cheung Chau, Happy Valley Racecourse etc. Cheung Chau means "Long Island", here traditional homes(the real wooden junks) are still in existence, and used by fishing community. But there boats have modern equipments to find fish. There are no vehicles and people have to walk down the place. Walking is a fun, making your way down to waterfront, simply called "Praya". Seafood is dried in sun, sea food restaurants, fresh selfish are common sights. Then we went to the Happy Valley Racecourse.

Race meeting under dazzling lights of valley, is a must watch thing and it represents Chinese culture too. Since 1846, the first meeting of reclaimed marshland, it has been the home of Hong Kong horse racing. Starry-eyed romantics will not be able miss the ride and lovers will have to tear their gazes from each other for these rides. In the evening we came back to hotel and had dinner and packed our luggage because the flight was early in the morning. It was the wonderful experience to visit the beautiful city Hong Kong. Thanks to the all of the Hong Kong's people to make my this trip wonderful.

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