A Trip to Sin City

Author : Sunil Anna
Posted On : 08/18/2011
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Destinations : Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the Best Place, United States Of America. Las Vegas, also called "The Casino Capital of the World".Gambling, shopping,and hotels are more attraction of the city.


A Trip To Sin City

Hey, this is Sunil Anna and i am going to share the experience of Las Vegas ( The Sin City). We were two friends we started our journey from Mumbai International Airport( Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport). Before we started our journey of Sin City let me explain some basic facts about the city. Las Vegas is the largest city in the US state of Nevada. Nicknamed Sin City and the Entertainment Capital of the World, it is situated in the midst of the southern Nevada desert landscape. The city has giant mega-casino hotel Las Vegas, decorated with lavish care and attention to detail to create a fantasy-like atmosphere. The casinos often have names and themes that evoke romance, mystery, and far-away destinations. Las Vegas can be whatever a visitor wants, and for a few days, a visitor can be whatever he or she wants. Just be prepared to leave all touchstones with reality behind. Here, you will rise at noon and gorge on endless amounts of rich food at 3am. You will watch your money grow or shrink. You will watch fountains dance and pirates fight sexy showgirls. The gambling, there's plenty of that. Let's not kid ourselves, Gambling is the main attraction of Vegas. I think its enough information about the Sin City, lets talk about trip, we started our journey from Mumbai to Las Vegas by American Airlines. Our flight take off from Mumbai airport at 1:30 pm according to the Indian time zone. India is 12:30 hour ahead then Las Vegas. We arrived there around 4 pm according to the Las Vegas time zone. The flight took around 15 hour to reach there. We caught a taxi and move towards the hotel. We reached at hotel at 5 pm we got fresh and had some snacks and went out to the market around the hotel. We have only two days to wander the Sin City. So we visit there to late 10 pm and backed to hotel. We had dinner and went to bed. Next Morning we woke up at 6:30 am got fresh and had breakfast and planned to discover the Sin City. We hired a cab and went to the museum. The local citizen told us about the famous museum and about the things inside it, so we entered the museum, the entry was fantastic and it is one of the finest museum in the world, we were unable to click pictures as photography was prohibited there , so we managed to click some . We enjoyed there a lot and clicked there some snaps. We wander here around two hour then went to the next attraction.





The next attraction was amazing that we visited, that was the Treasure Island Las Vegas.  Actually the Las Vegas is the city to visit at night, so if you want to visit this city then visit it maximum at night. It was the awesome place with different kind of activity. Here we enjoyed a lot as there were many things which defines the definition of art and culture, we clicked many pictures there and enjoyed a lot there. We visit this place for short time and then had lunch and went to the next destination. Then we went to the famous street of Las Vegas , there were lightning every were and it seems to be an bombastic place to have fun. We visited many shops and pubs and bars in that street , they were fantastic and well mannered. It is the most lovable place , loved by the citizens and visitors of Las Vegas. We enjoyed a lot there and had a lot of experience there .  Must visit this place if you are in Sin City, but visit it in evening after 6 pm. We visit this place till 9 pm and went back to hotel. Next morning we got fresh and had break fast and went to the circus. It is a very nice place for family as well as the youth. There were many family themed hotels and restaurants. The food was fabulous and tasty. There were many toy shops for the children . We enjoyed a lot there , the most i like was the food and the roller coaster. If you are with your children you must have to visit this place with your family. We wander this place around the three to four hour. Then we planned to visit the next attraction the ancient version of Egypt.  It was the awesome scene see the two talking camel, we enjoyed it a lot and clicked some pics. It was our last day in Sin City so we decide to enjoy the nightlife. There are so many places to entertain to you. If you are gay then there is a Krave Nightclub - for gay men & women. We went to a night club enjoy there dance parties and all things. There were Mulch-levels, huge dance floor, massive stage, hot lighting and sound, friendly staff, sexy gogo boys and girls, very hip, very cool, the place to party and have some sin city fun. That was the awesome night that i have spent in a night club in my life. We went hotel around the 3 am. Next morning we woke up early in the morning had a little breakfast and ready for the next destination that was the Dallas. Bye - Bye Sin City.


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