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Destinations : Bali

Bali is a largest tourist, cultural and religious place located in Indonesian island. It also provide a natural view because of its hills and mountains.

Hello friends, I consider it would be fair enough to introduce myself first and then start sharing my unforgettable experience to the most beautiful place , Bali an Indonesian island . I am Arvind , passionate about traveling to new places . Annie is my best friend and both of us work for a music company in New Delhi. It was the month of December when we got a chance to visit Bali. Both of us are quite excited as we have never been overseas before. Both of us managed to get the leave from work for three days. Annie did a lot of research about the place , the prime locations and the best beaches etc. When Annie showed me a list of places that are worth visit I was really impressed by her work. She told me that Uluwata temple, Tanah Lot, Gunung Kawi, Lovina Beach are some of the main attractions of the Island.

Uluwata temple
Our flight to Bali is scheduled at 10:30 PM at late night . Since I have been in Delhi from last five years so we reached airport easily at 9:30 PM. After clearing our luggage we are in the plane by 10:15 PM . Although both of us were aware of the fact that the flight will take about 7 to 8 hours to reach Bali ,we decided to sleep during the flight . When our plane land there it was morning there and I still remember we had our breakfast at the airport . Since we had already enjoyed a good sleep in the air both of us agreed to go to the hotel and then we went to the Ubud.

Tanah Lot

There are also several art galleries and homes of famous artists here, like Dutch bornn Hans Snel and American Antonio Blanco. In the past, other foreign painters inspired Balinese artists to adopt western techniques but traditional Balinese paintings are still made and sold another museum called "Neka Museum" has a wide collection of paintings both by Indonesian as well as foreign artists who used to live in Bali. The "Young artist" style now popular in Balinese painting was introduced by the Dutch painter Arie Smith. We too like many other people who come to Ubud for a day or evening end up staying longer, and spent good two days, since time was our main constraint so after two days we decided to move on from there we visited various temples for consecutive two days as Uluwata, Tanah Lot and Goa Gajah.

Goa Gajah

In the south west side of island is located a temple, Uluwala which is well known and is home for the biggest sunset in Bali. The entry to this temple is paid and accounts a extra fee for the traditional Balinese dance, for which your dress up should be genuine like knees should be covered and sarong should be preferably weared. It is build up of a big rock near the seaside.
After spending good two days visiting some of the most visited temples in Bali we decided to had a look of the Kintamani mountains which were very popular for its picturesque views. This mountain view overlooks the largest of Bali's 4 lakes. From Bad evils & spirits, monkeys were there to protect. So tourists were guided not to wear shiny ornament and clothes which could distract & attract the money.

The mountain was breathtakingly beautiful there. If we take pics from the top. We can get ever best photographs. Here, we can see dense flora and fauna, it was considered a Natural conservation over a general area.

Lovina Beach

The last day of our trip, we decided to visit northern Bali which was very different from the sands of Kutta. To get knowledge about the island's best coral reefs, Lovina beach is the best place and a good spot for snorkelingand scuda dining. Here we can also see many dolphins jumping in the sea.

 From there we came to the Ngurah Rai International Airport from where our flight is scheduled at 7:30 PM. We reached New Delhi at 12’O clock according to the Indian time and it was late night so I went along with Annie to her house. Next morning when I came back to my home I was feeling totally refreshed . Also if I would say it was my one of the best tours I have ever had in my life.

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