A Week in Chicago

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Destinations : Chicago

Chicago is international center of business and leisues travel. It is famous for world class hotels, places, shopping and some other places. It is beautiful place for enjoy holiday .

Hello friends my name is Rajat and will share with you my recent experience of Chicago with my friend Annie. Before boarding a flight from New Delhi I researched a lot about places which are worth visit there, although we have been granted a visa for a week only. When we landed at O’Hare internationals airport in Chicago we feel quite relaxed as we were felling tired. After passing through all the security checks we hire a cab from the airport to the hotel. Since the long approximately hours flight exhausted us so we decided to take rest on that day and in evening we went to stroll the city market.

Art Institute of Chicago

Next morning when we woke up we went to our first destination the 'Art Institute Of Chicago'. This place holds world's great art collections. It is the ample It is the biggest and chief Pure Art Museum and I haven't sen it before. While a walk-through the Institute, we had enjoyed the view of all their fine art works those had been done by Mary Cassate, Georgia O'Keeffe, Grant Wood etc. As all the work done by them showed styles ranging in all manners of fine arts. Another example of fine arts can view while viewing a building designed by Renzo Piano, which is the main beauty part of the museum.


Navy Pier

In the evening we went to the Navy Pier , the popular spot for tourists in Chicago. The South Arcade of Navy Pier is a beautiful place to hang out with friends, so we decided to go there and have fun. As we were hungry, we went to an famous restaurant of that area, as there were many, the food was fantastic and tasty , there presentation was fabulous. Then we went to the cinemas and enjoyed a lot there, we watched a show there of few hours, which was very interesting and mind-blowing. As it was dark out side as sunsets, the lightning was amazing and we were feeling very hungry as we walked to much by just rooming here and there . We had our dinner there with the other tourists who were also enjoying there.

Millennium Park

Next day we have decided to a glimpse park. We were enjoyed a lot, it is a lush green area with many neutral habitats. We clicked many pictures there and had a lot of fun. Although we have planned that in the evening we will go that Field Museum but we spent whole day there. In the evening we got a chance to interact with the local tourists. In a very short they became our good friends, after having a healthy dinner we came back to the hotel.
On third day we decided to surf the Lincoln Park Zoo and the Willis tower in the evening.

Field Museum

Last day we went to Hancock observatory. It is very tall building and one among the tallest skyscrapers in the world. This building is multifunction building with many shops, showrooms, offices and flats.

Besides the view, the Hancock Observatory offers an open-air viewing area, Sky tour, History Wall and interactive kiosks provide a video tour of 80 Chicago attractions. After having strolled through the city market we reached the airport two hours in advance. After boarding the plane from O’Hare internationals airport we don’t know when we landed at IGI airport in New Delhi. I would say that it was my one of the refreshing tour I have ever had in my life and the memories of the tour will last with me forever.

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