Tour to Shimla in April

Author : Ajay Sharma
Posted On : 05/21/2011
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Destinations : Shimla

Shimla is famous for the pleasant weather, snow covered mountains, ancient buildings and many more. The Ridge and The Mall are most attraction points over there.

In April 2010, one of the weekends happened to be a long one. I had 3 holidays covering Saturday, Sunday and Monday. So family and friends decided to visit Shimla. The plan was an instant one. We hired the car for the trip. We were total 5 people going for the trip. My parents and my best friend along with his sister.

We started the drive on saturday morning. The total distance between Delhi - Shimla is approx. 380 kms. We crossed Chandigarh, Kalka, Solan and finally reached at Shimla.
When we reached Shimla on the saturday night, we had to find a suitable hotel close to the Mall Road. We went to The hotel near by Mall Road. We checked in the 5th floor room of the hotel.

It was already night. we walked towards the Mall road but it was closed as early as 8 pm, so we decided to rest in the hotel room till morning. But then me and my friend planned to have walk on the mall road at night just for fun sake. So we both left the room for the walk. Finally we reached the connecting road to Mall Road.

Since we were new to the place, we had no idea where we were going? But the weather was chilling and we were wearing our jackets. The crowd was not much at that time (10:30 pm). We came across a building which had a British architecture and is seems to be some government building now.

My friend was saying that it was some British colony, so it has "Ghostly Activity". We had read stories about Shimla like "Shimla Hauntings". Then suddenly we saw some NOTICES painted onto the walls saying : "SMOKING AND LITTERING ON ALL PUBLIC PLACES IS FORBIDDEN BY LAW. ANY VIOLATION IS PUNISHABLE WITH A FINE UPTO Rs. 500/- - by order/commissioner M.C. Shimla"


We clicked some pics over there at night with standing near to wall where the notice was written. The lighting over us was of a lamp post, so the picture came quite clear.

Then we clicked some of the pics after that on another location and were amazed to see a white cloud like formation in the foreground of the pic. It was a spooky thing. Both of us then got scared of the spot and discussed how in the movie "Shutter" the ghost were captured through the photograph clicks and even they appeared as white clouds in it.

We ran away from the spot and on the way we saw an old guy walking alone in the night moving steadily. I went ahead and asked where Mall road was and he told us we were heading in the wrong direction and should move in the opposite direction. So we moved to the direction where he told us to go and finally after a 20 min walk reached Mall Road.
The place was good and was almost empty at that point of time.

Ghosts are timeless. Whether someone like it or not. You can never really get it rid of then is a good read, preferably at night when trees, roads and dim corners of

After reaching Shimla i realised that- "Mussoorie is not the only hill-station with a generous sprinkling of ghosts. In Shimla, it also appeares. It was already night so we decided to go back to room and postponed the plans for next day.

Next day morning we get ready for the breakfast and we all together started towards ridge.
We enjoyed the ice-cream there the most. We clicked around 300 photographs there at ridge. This is very beautiful place. Under ridge there is water tank from where water get supplied to whole Shimla city. After that we went to mall road where we were wondering previous night. We did some shopping there. Mostly there were woolen clothes because of weather. At that day the temperature was about 17 degree Celsius. We spent around 3 to 4 hours at mall road and on ridge. Then we decided to go to Lakkar Bazaar
Where all wooden things are available at very attractive prices. After spending 1 hours there we enjoyed horse ridding which was also different experience of my life.
After that we had to go back to home. So we left the ridge and went towards taxi where it was parked near to Shimla bus stand.

I would say this tour was full of enjoyment. Enjoyed the tour very most.


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