A Trip to Europien Heaven

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Switzerland is most beautiful city in the world. It lies in the center of western Europe. Switzerland is also called water tower. Switzerland are best places for tourist for enjoy the beautiful days of life. There are so must places to view . And people are like here weather environment.

Hey friends i am Ankit and i am going to write my experience in Switzerland. We were two friends and we plan to spent our summer vacation in Switzerland. Before the trips we gather so many info about the Switzerland. We started our journey from Delhi to Zurich in last July at 1:30 pm according to Indian time zone. India is 3:30 hour ahead then Switzerland. Flight took around 8 hour to reach Zurich.  Switzerland is situated in the centre of Western Europe, and is called Europe Water Tower.

Switzerland is a landlocked country geographically divided between the Alps, the Central Plateau and the Jura, spanning an area of 41, 285 km. The three great Swiss cities of Geneva, Zurich and Basel are crammed with world-class museums and galleries. We reached at Zurich at 7pm according to Switzerland time zone. We collect our luggage and took a cab towards the hotel. We arrived in hotel at 7:40 pm we went to our room and got fresh and had tea and went out to the area around the hotel. We wander that area for a hour and we came back to hotel at 9 pm and had our dinner and went to bed. Next day morning we woke up at 7 am and got fresh. We enjoyed our breakfast and planned to discover the largest city of Switzerland the Zurich. We hire a cab and we went to all the places one by one in three days continuously. First of all we went to the Fraumunster Church. Built by Emperor Ludwig in the year 1853, it is most beautiful churches of Switzerland. It was our first place it was awesome. Then we went to the next place that was the Johann Jacobs Museum. It is placed in Zurich, Switzerland hosts year end changing exhibition collections for people to know coffee and its history. It was a unique carnival and gives lots of information that every one needs to know about coffee. After visiting that place we had our lunch and continues with our determination to discover the Switzerland. Then we went to Kunsthaus Zurich. We clicked here so many pics, and turned our cab towards the next attraction that was Rhein waterfall, it was 1 hour run from Zurich city. Opened all time during the year. We enjoyed her a lot days was going darken we came back to hotel we arrived there around 8:30 pm. It was our first day in Zurich and we got much tired. We had our dinner and went to bed. Next morning we got up and got fresh and had breakfast and decided to go to the other main attractions of Zurich.



The hotel member told us about the  Mount Pilatus. Mount Pilatus rises top in the city of Lucerne, giving beautiful views of Lake Lucerne. The final way of the journey, the Aerial Tram, is amazing. It rises greatly in our minds. The views from the top are often covers by clouds, but the clouds moved swiftly. Then we were in points from within the rock peak. We spent almost there whole day. In evening we took cable car and came down and took a bus towards the hotel. It was the last day of our in Zurich. We packed our luggage and took a train towards the Geneva. We reached there around the 9:30 pm we took a taxi to hotel it was the very tedious day we had our dinner and went to bed. Next morning we woke up at 8 am and got fresh and had our breakfast adn planned to discover the Geneva. Geneva’s the exact place for examine the surrounding estate. You can enjoy there hiking, boating, wine tasting, biking or are looking for ultimate Switzerland ski vacation. Geneva provides easy access to heaven as well as numerous organized journeys. Day trips to nearby towns of Montreux, Lausanne and Chamonix are also popular. We visited almost all places in Geneva like the lake, the old town, Ca rouge, Bastions Park and Place Neuve, Paquis and Les Grottes, first day we went the lake at Geneva. Take a dip at Bairns de Paquis, just relaxed in one of the lakeside parks and cafes. For a unique perspective on the city, we took a two hour boat cruise around the lake. We click here so many pics and went to the next place that was the United Nations Building and Red Cross Museum. During the tour to European Headquarters of the United Nations followed up by visit to the Red Cross Museum across the street. We stay in Geneva around three days and we discover all the places places in Geneva. That was the awesome tour of my life and it was really the heaven on earth.

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