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Destinations : Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is 2nd Largest city in Brazil. it is Capital city of state Rio de Janeiro . It is most visited city in the Southern hemisphere. I n Brazil development and largest center of research. Some most famous landmarks, beaches of Brazil

We have just returned from a one week trip to Brazils mainly we have visited the city. In our trip we visited Rio de Janeiro and Iguacu Falls. We were three friends me, Nav & Shiv. We started our journey from Chandigarh to Delhi by train. From where we got flight to Rio. The time difference between Delhi and Rio is 8:30 hour Delhi is 8:30 hour ahead to Rio. We took flight from Delhi at 1:20 pm according to Indian time zone we reached in Rio at 9 pm according to Brazilian time zone, the flight took round about 15 to 16 hour. We got our luggage and hire a taxi towards the hotel. We had our dinner after took shower and go to bed after that tedious journey. We get up early in the morning and got ready to discover the Rio after the breakfast.

We had read numerous reports which stated that you needed to leave all valuable items in your hotel and not to venture out into the streets unless you carried your camera in a plain unmarked shopping bag. But frankly, there was never a single moment in Rio when we felt that we were in the least bit of danger. I know that there is more crime in Rio than some other big cities. I read the warnings in my hotel. But still, we had a great time in total safety.

We had started our journey from hotel to the Rio city to visit the all attractions one by one. We hired a guide there which guide about city. We were independent travelers but sometimes we like having a private tour guide so that we can get more of an insider's perspective of the places to which we travel. There were many places to hang out, then we decided to go to the museum. We visit the National Museum of Arts that was a good place for visitor where anyone can find the facts about the Brazil. We clicked here so many pics and went to a restaurant for the lunch. We enjoy there a delicious lunch and planed for the next destination that was the Tijuaca.

Then we decided to go to the forest area known for rain. It is a hub of natural habitation and plantation. It was a beautiful place to hang out and a natural heaven. It was the awesome place that we visit in Brazil. At late evening we took a bus to the hotel. We reach at hotel at 9pm. That was the awesome experience of the first day, we had our dinner and went to bed to relax our body and mind.

Next morning we had breakfast and decided to go to the Copacabana Beach. But before this we wander the city market, we bought some clothes and other things. We enjoy here a lot and we almost spent here the whole day, and clicked so many pics. That was a good experience in Copacabana beach. We left that beach around 5 pm and we went to market and had some snacks, enjoy the evening walk in market filled with crowd. We did there little shopping and back to the hotel.

Next day we decided to visit Corcovado. It is one of the beautiful place in the city. The statue is one of most wonderful place in the world. It is among the eight wonders of the world. We took a train or drive up there the train is supposed to be beautiful but it was kind of fun to see our bus work its way up the curvy road. From the top, the view is excellent, although it was a bit hazy when we were there.

I liked Sugar loafff Mountain/Pao de Açúcar even better, maybe because the weather was better. These are the most beautiful and bombastic places in this area. These mountains are really interesting with many hidden information in them. There are timber train to move to mountains, we enjoyed a lot there , my friend was afraid of height , we teased him and enjoyed a lot. We clicked here so many pose, and enjoy here a lot.

We visit there almost all places in Rio like Santa Tereza , Sugar loaf Mountain, Petropolis, Musical Places etc. This place is full of clubs , museums and restaurant. We visited the famous museum, which was very interesting and beautiful. We spend some time in the museum and enjoyed with the art preserved in it , with different types of culture and society environments of their tribes.

After some wonderful days in Rio, we have to left that city. We came to hotel packed our luggage and took a cab towards the airport it was an awesome experience. In few words: One of the best vacations ever.

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