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Posted On : 08/03/2011
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Destinations : Chennai

Chennai is also called a Madarasapatinam. Chennai is capital of Tamil Nadu. It is most populous city in India. It is also 36th metropolitan area in the world. In Chennai city 2nd largest beach in the world.

Hi friends this is my first travel writeup on this site after reading all the travel experiences of its members. We were the four friends and plan to visit the Channi, the capital of Tamil Nadu and one of the most populated cities in India. It act as a gateway to the various culture of south India. It was a fascinating trip. We started our journey form Chandigarh to Delhi by bus at 11am, and from Delhi we took flight of Kingfisher Airline to Chennai at 4pm. We had planned everything about our trip everything was booked in advance flight to hotel everything. We reached at Chennai at airport at 6:30pm and took our luggage and hired a taxi to the hotel. We reached at hotel at 7pm, we took a little shower and had tea and decided to go out to wander the nearest market around the hotel. We went out the market that was good in all manners of shopping, wandering etc. We wander that market around one ant half hour. Then we backed to the hotel and had our dinner and watched TV for a while and go to bed. Next morning we woke up at 7 am took shower and had our breakfast and decided to wander the hub of south Indian classical music and dance performances. First of we went to the Vivekananda House & Museum. It is situated near to Marina beach along the south beach road. It is an historical place as Swami Vivekananda stayed there for a long time. We got there much knowledge about the Indian history and about Swami Vivekananda and his character greatness. We clicked here so many pics and then decided to go to the next spot that was the Marina beach. Marina Beach, the pride of Chennai and it is one of the longest beach in India, with a wide sandy offshore. We enjoy her a lot clicked her so many photos. We enjoy her around 2 to 3 hours. Then we feel appetite and decided to had lunch it was around 3pm. Then we went to a restaurant and had lunch. At restaurant we asked a local about the Chennai attraction he told us some places to hang out in Chennai . We visit some of the place of the places we couldn’t visit all these places because the evening was going darken. Then we came back to the hotel after that tedious day we had our dinner and went directly to bed. Next day we got up at 7:30 am we took shower and enjoy our break fast and plan to visit the Chennai attractions. We hired a taxi and went to Gudiyan Caves. We are the phari boys so we reached there easily. It was the awesome place. We enjoy here a lot and clicked here some pose. Then we went back towards the Next destination of the day. That was Crocodile Bank. We reach there after a 2:30 hour we had our lunch and went to visit some places. Their was place where, We were able to see the crocodile from the shortest distance. We enjoyed this place a a lot. Then we took our taxi towered the hotel. We all were tired after that tedious day. We had dinner and went to bed. The next day that was our last day in Chennai we plan to wander the rest of the city attractions. After breakfast We took a bus and went to the National gallery. At time of visiting we feel that we are in past age. Ta-ht was a awesome place in city. We wander that place around 2 to 3 hour. Then we went to the next or the last destination of our trip that was Anna Zoological Park. That was the amazing experience of my life that i have feel-ed that time. It was a nice trip we went hotel and picked up our luggage and took flight back to home.

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