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Posted On : 08/03/2011
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Chandigarh is beautiful city in India. It is one of most popular place of Punjab. For a Nature lovers from different country likes the most beautiful place Chandigarh. Here so much places to view .like rock garden, Sukhna Lake and some other places.

Chandigarh is one of the best planned city of India and one of the most haunted tourist destination of Northern India. Hi i am Rohit, lives in Delhi, I have been to the city many times but I would like to share my recent tour to Chandigarh with my friends Bhaskar and Madhvan who hails from kanchipur, a small town in south India. It was Saturday evening when we started our journey from Delhi to Chandigarh in Bhaskarn’s car. I and Madhvan reached Baskar’s house at around 5:30 PM and we finally started our journey to Chandigarh at 6’O clock. We decided that we will not stop on the way to Chandigarh and had our dinner in Chandigarh as it is just five hour drive from Delhi to Chandigarh. Everything happened accordingly and we reached Chandigarh at around 11. Since every one of us is hungry so we decided to had dinner first and then looked for the Hotel. I told Bhaskar to drive to the sector-22 as I know there are number of hotels and we got a room there.

Rock Garden
My friends woke up early as they want to explore the city beautiful . After having our breakfast we decided to went to the Rock Garden in sector-1. During our five minute drive from sector-22 to Rock Garden my friends got so much excited when I told them that, this garden is not an ordinary garden with plants and trees, rather an artistic garden which is beyond the imagination of person, it reflects the creativity and innovation of a artist. Rock garden is an open garden with concrete sculptors of Indian dancer artists, musicians and animals which reflects the real life. As one looks at them, they seem to be real and living as there is life in them, which attracts the visitors the most. We spent good three hour there walking lazily and gossiping with one another.

Rose Garden
As it was becoming hot out there so we decided to went for the lunch and then decided to go the Zakir Hussain Rose Garden. After having a good heavy lunch we decided to visit the Sector-16 Rose Garden. We reached at the garden at 4’O clock . It is one of the beautiful gardens in Indian and biggest garden in Chandigarh, which was named Zakir Hussain. It is the one only garden with more than 1500 species of roses and is an place with real natural life. Then we enjoyed a lot at water fountain in rose garden which refreshed us.

Sukhna Lake
We spent only half an hour there and rushed for the Sukhna lake, the biggest lake in Chandigarh and popular lake. We reached there at 6’O clock. The lake also offers Boating, Rowing, and some other Sailing facilities so we decided to enjoy the boating there. We went to one of the extreme side of the lake and came back after around 15 minutes, it seems to be endless. Then we took refreshment from cafeteria, nice food point situated in lake. As the time lapse more people are coming to the lake and some of them have to wait for long for the parking.

At around 8’O clock we went to the Sector-17, one of the best place in Chandigarh with varieties of shopping complexes to cater to every one needs. After having some snacks we did shopping. Baskar had purchased some novels there. We decided to go to the movie and hurriedly we went to the city mall which was also showing the new release “Singham “, a good movie I have watched after a long time. We decided that we will drive in the night as traffic would be less and we really reached Delhi at 4’O clock in the morning. All of us stayed at Bhaskar’s house at that night. Really a visit to the city beautiful is my one of the best trip I have ever had with my friends.

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