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Rome is one most important and popular city in terms of culture and history. Rome is Heart of Roman Empire. And it located in center of world's major religions. Rome is largest and Capital of Italy. It is beautiful city in the world. in Every year many tourists come and enjoy the beautiful city of Rome.

Four Days in Rome

You know that every one loves to wander in the the beautiful places. Being a Haryanavi boy, I am very found of about traveling especially in foreign location. We are the three friends and we decided to visit the city of Pope. We went there in last April. We started our journey from Kurukshetra to Delhi by bus and took flight from Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport to Rome. Rome is 3:30 hours behind then India according to the GMT. Rome is the capital of Italy and it is the largest city in Italy. If we talk about History and Culture, it is one of the most important city in the World because it was at the heart of the Roman Empire. It is the center of World's major religions. Rome is situated on the River Tiber, which is in between the Apennines Mountains and the Tyrrhenian Sea, the "Eternal City" was once the administrative center of the mighty Roman Empire, governing a vast region that stretched all the way from Britain to Mesopotamia. Their is no doubt about Rome that it one of the most beautiful city in the World; as every year millions of tourists visit Rome from various countries around the World to admire the treasure and masterpieces of Roman Art and Architecture. There are many majestic hotels and restaurants in Rome. Rome is also called the city of Pope. The first Church was founded by Pope Liberius in the 350's, and was financed by a Roman Patrician and his wife. According to Roman tradition, the city was founded by Romulus on 21 April 753 BC. The legendary origin of the city tells that Romulus and Remus decided to build a city. The flight took around 13 hour to reach in Rome. We reached at 5 pm according to the Italy time zone. We picked our luggage and took a taxi to the hotel. We relax for a while in hotel room and went out for the walk in evening to check out the market. We wander the market near hotel around one and half hour, and back to the hotel had our dinner and go to bed and started to plan to visit the Italy’s capital. We woke up at 8 am and got fresh and had our breakfast and took a cab to discover the city of Pope. Rome is a active city with a wide range of Monuments, Churches, Architecture that are famous all around the world. No one can make a short list of these Landmarks of the city. If anyone visit this city then he/she will have definitely something to remember next time. You can also get the map of Rome to wander this city. First of all we decide to visit the Arch of Constantine. The Arch of Constantine is one of Rome's premiere monuments is the proud Ar-co Di Costantino, or Arch of Constantine. This victorious Arch was constructed in 315 AD. Situated in the Valley of the Colosseum, close to the Palatine Hill, it marks an considerable spot along the traditional route of victorious processions. We clicked here so many pics. We enjoy this place for two or three hour. After visiting that place we had our lunch and plan to visit the next place. The next place that we visited was the Teatro Dell Opera. Teatro Dell Opera is the most considerable theater in Rome, or the former Constanzi Theater. It has remained loyal to its exact vocation in presenting single Opera performances. The Theater’s permanent Opera companies are of a highest class a fixed indisputable fact. It was the awesome place that we visit in Rome after Vatican Museums. Then we decided to go to the next spot of the day that we visited After that Teatro Dell' Opera we went to Ostia Anti-ca. It is a large complex and you can easily spend several hours visiting around the shops and houses. To get there, take the Metro Line B to Magliana and take the Ostia Lido train. We wander there for two or half hour. We took many pics and enjoy there a lot. Then we went back to the hotel. We had our dinner and went to room and enjoy the TV for a while and go to bed after that tedious day. Next day we plan to wander the Vatican Museums, and The Baths of Diocletian. We had our breakfast and took a cab to the Vatican museum. The Vatican Museums comprise a series of well-showcased sections filled with unmatched masterpieces produced by some of the world's greatest minds. The museums' art has been collected or commissioned by a long series of popes throughout the centuries. The complex includes the famous Sistine Chapel, with the restored fresco of Michelangelo's 'Last Judgment'. We spent there around 2 hour and took a cab to the next spot. That was The Baths Of Diocletian. The Baths of Diocletian, once covering 32 acres, were the largest public baths or thermal in ancient Rome. Although much of the original structure has been destroyed, remains of the baths are now part of the National Roman Museum. Several painted tombs have been moved and reconstructed inside baths. That was absolutely beautiful and stunning place. Then we had our lunch and decide to visit the further place. We took a cab to the Palatine Hill. The Emperors and Aristocrats of ancient Rome lived on the Palatine Hill starting in the first century BC. We enjoy this place a lot. We wander this place for three to four hour. Then we took a taxi towards the hotel. We reached at hotel at 9pm that was too late. We had our dinner and go to relax. Next day we woke at 7:30 am and got fresh and had our break fast. That was the last day of our at Rome, we decide to cover the rest of the place of Rome. We went to The Arch Of Constantine, one of Rome's royal monuments is the proud Ar-co Di Costantine. This victorious Arch was constructed in 315 AD, commemoration of the victory of Constantine. It's the huge of only three structures of this kind which have survived in the Italian capital. Situated in the valley of the Colosseum, close to the Palatine Hill, it marks an important spot along the traditional route of victorious processions. That was the awesome place we clicked here so many pics. If you are looking for interesting day trips to take from your base in Rome then these are the best place. Then we visit some other places like Fontana Di Trevi, Trajan Market thought to be World's ancient shopping mall, the Arcades in Trajan Market are now believed to be administrative offices for Emperor Trajan. The shops and apartments were built in a multilevel structure and you can visit several of the levels. Highlights include delicate marble floors and the remains of a library. The new Museum of the Imperial Forums houses a wealth of artifacts from all of ancient Rome's forums. Trajan Market is at Via Quattro November 94. That was the awesome experience of our life to visit the city of Pope. Then we backed to the hotel and enjoy our dinner and packed our luggage and ready for the early morning flight. We woke up at early morning and took a cab to airport, say bye bye to the city of Pope.

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