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Destinations : Toronto

Toronto in Largest city in Canada country. It popular city in North America. Toronto is heart of greater Toronto Area. In Tonto a unique celebrations all year round . It most ethnically diverse city in the world.

Trip to Toronto


Toronto is the capital of Ontario and it is the largest and famous  city in Canada. It lies on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario in Southern Ontario  . In North America ,its fifth most  populous city. Its population is more than  5 million.It is the seventh largest urban region in North America. It is densely populated area in Southern Ontario known as the Golden Horseshoe.We plan to visit this city in the summer of 2009. We were two friends, and we started our journey from Delhi to Toronto. The time difference between Delhi and toronto is 9:30 hours. Delhi is ahead 9 and half hour then Toronto. We took flight from Indira Gandhi International Airport Delhi at 2pm. The flight took around 14:30 hours to reach in Toronto, and we reached there at 7 pm accourding to the Canadian time zone. We picked up our luggage and hire a cab toward the hotel. We took the room key as our booking was advance. When we reached in room we directly go to bed to relax for a while after that tedious journey. After two half hour we got fresh and went out of the hotel and wander the market for a while and back to the hotel had our dinner and go to bed.flatiron-buildingNext morning we woked up at 8pm and took bathe and got freash and had our breakfast and decide to discover the largest ciyt of Canada. We hired a texi from the hotel and start to wander the Toronto. First of all we went to the Little India. Little India is situated on Gerrard Street between Greenwood and Coxwell. There you can get a sense of Toronto's vibrant South Asian community. It is realy represent the Indian culture where you will find the everything about India like indian food clothes, shoe like juti and many more things. We wander this place for tow hour and enjoy the little India out of the India. We clicked here some pics andplan to visit the next place.toronto_island After visit the little India then we decided to visit the Chinatown. Chinatown is an  enclave in Downtown  Ontario, Canada, with a high concentration of  Chinese residents and business extending along Dundas Street West and Spadina Avenue. It is Firstly developed in the late 19th century, it is one of the greatest Chinatowns in North America and one of major Chinese-Canadian communities in the Greater Toronto Area. Like a little India It is also a little China, where you will find eveythings about China. We had our lunch here some chines food and took texi to the next spot.That was the Canada's Wonderland a big  park located in Vaughan, 30 kms north of downtown Toronto. It is  one of North America's premier amusement parks with more than 200 attractions. The park is open seasonally from May to October. We enjoy here the ride of the Behemoth.  It is  biggest, fastest and tallest rollercoaster, high speed twists, eight extreme drops, high speed twists  in Canada.westin That was the awesome experience of my life to twist in the Behemoth. We clicked here so many pics and enjoyed a lot of fun. Then we took cab back to the hotel. We reached at hotel at 9pm. We got fresh and enjoy our dinner.Next morning we woke up at 7 am and got fresh and had our breakfast and we decided to goto the Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls is around 80 mile from Toronto. We spent around one and half hour to get there. It is the one of the natural wonder of the world. Niagara Falls With so many ways to drink in the grandeur of the thundering Horseshoe Falls, you might be tempted to do them all.Travel right to the Fall's crashing waters on the Maid of the Mist boat tour. A view from the platform at Table Rock, then we learn about the formation of the Falls at Niagara's Fury. We enjoy a lot here the natural wonder of the world. We enjoy our lunch here and plan to visit the next place we went back to the Toronto. We went to the Gardiner Museum.artgalleryofontario We go for a look  of the world's oldest form of art and material culture - ceramics. The Museum's collection spans continents and time, giving a glance into the development of ceramic process, form and decoration. That was an awesome place to visit and learn about the old things. We spent her around two or three hour. Then we back to hotel had our dinner and go to bed.Next day we woke at 9am and had our breakfast and plan to spent our last day at Toronto. We took a cab and go to the Toronto Zoo. Toronto Zoo Covering 284 hectares , this  zoological garden contains more than 5,000 animals.  There are so many kinds of animals there we clicked here so many pictures. We came out the zoo and enjoy our lunch and decided to visit the Greater Toronto Area.niagara_falls Greater Toronto Area with so many places in the Greater Toronto Area, it's not what to do, but where to start. Soar to the top of CN Tower, the world's tallest tower in 58 seconds flat and feast your eyes on spectacular views of our waterfront city on Lake Ontario. Don't miss the Glass Floor Numbering almost 6 million objects, the Royal Ontario Museum is one of the largest museums . Explore Canadiana in comprehensive collections spanning arts, science and archaeology, plus discover world culture and natural history. That was the awesome experience of my life.Birds Eye  View After that we enjoyed the Hippo ride. A Hippo is a unique 40 passenger vessel that offers land and water tours of Toronto. Come splash into Lake Ontario on our "Bus that Floats". Experience an urban safari in one of Canada's most beautiful cities with all its historical sites and its magnificent waterways. It was like a dream come true because it was also a woner in Toronto. That was our last day day in Toronto. We backed to hotel and packed our luggage. We enjoyed our wonderfull dinner and took a cab to the airport. That was the great experience of my life to visit the city like Toronto.

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