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Destinations : Austin

Austin is also called a “live music capital of the world”. The Capital of Texas in Austin. it Located in the center of Texas Hill. this 14th populous city in US . It is fastest growing city in in 20th century .

                                                                           Trip to Austin (US)

Hello friends, I consider it would be fair enough to introduce myself first and then start sharing my unforgettable experience to on the most beautiful place , Austin . I am Aunik , passionate about travelling to new places . Annie is my best friend and both of us work for a music company in New Delhi. It was the month of December when we got a chance to visit Austin , the capital city of Texas state of US. Both of us quite excited as we have never been to US before. Since it is difficult for both of us to get leave form the work for same days so I applied for the leave before Annie did and the trick worked for us , hopefully both of us got the five days leave. Annie did a lot of research about the place , the prime locations and the best beaches etc. When Annie showed me a list of places that are worth visit I was really impressed by her work . She told me that Zilker Park, Lady Bird Lake, Congress Avenue Bridge, Lake Travis are some of the main attractions of the city .

Since at that time the weather of Austin is almost similar to that of Delhi so we did not bother about carrying light stuff of clothes with us. Our flight to Austin is scheduled at 10:30 PM at late night . Since I have been in Delhi from last five years so we reached airport easily at 9:30 PM . After clearing our luggage we are in the plane by 10:15 PM . Although both of us aware of the fact that the flight will take almost 17 hours to reach Austin , no one among us sleep for first four hour after that I can’t recall how many times I sleep and again woke up. When our plane land there it was morning there and I still remember the time was 7:15 AM . Since we had already enjoyed a good sleep in the air both of us agreed to go to the Zilker Park and enjoyed fresh air there.

Zilker Park

Autin's most lovable park was considered Zilker Park. The park is of 351 acres, where several special opportunities and recreation of family is available. Various rides are available like Zilker Zephyr miniature train, paddling a canoe on Town Lake. There are large multi age picnic areas. For the people who know swimming very well, a natural spring pool is there, Barton springs pool, water temperature range of 68 degrees. We really spend marvelous time there. After that we planned to utilize our good time in viewing marvel of architecture the capitol building, many stunning buildings which were great symbols of Texas history and politics. Also well know major Austin attraction and tourist spot, where we can see many politicians roaming there in halls.

Capitol building

When we came back to the hotel we are still feeling very energetic . In the evening we watch a Hollywood movie casting James Bond, I forget the name of the movie. After watching the movie we went straight to the hotel , had our dinner there . Since we have more three days to explore the city so we had decided to that one whole day we will enjoy at the lake side as the city is surrounded by many lakes. On the second day I woke up late as at the night we had already planned to go the lake only. After hiring a taxi, first of all we went Lake Travis, which is 63.75 miles long and 4.5 miles wide. The water of this lake is crystal clear which attracts all the tourists. It has also maintained many facilities, public parks, boat ramp access and many more spots which makes this lake enthusiastic. Also, the hot summer weather makes the whole situation very glorious. I did surfing there, really it was my great experience.

Lady Bird Lake

After full too enjoyment at the Lake Travis, we planned to visit Lady Bird Lake. The Lady Bird lake is named after the lady in 2007 which is located at south border of downtown. A 10 miles long, trail, Hike & Bike trail surrounds the lake, which is very popular.

Bob Bullock Museum

That day I feel tired as I did swimming and rafting after a long time . When we came back to the hotel as I was very tired I went to sleep and I did not know by how I got asleep. In the morning when I woke up Annie told me that I have also forgotten to take my meal. Annie told me that the Bob Bullock museum is also showing some horror movies so we went there first. We watched a movie transformer there the 3-D experience was really horrible as it appears that person is just standing next and will come out of the screen. Museum is located in downtown Austin. A 35 feet tall bronze Lone star sculpture is present at the outside of Museum. At the inner side, is a very beautiful terrazzo floor which is very elegant & magnificent which provide a great feeling as if we are in building of capitol.

Sixth Street

On the last day of our journey we went to the dozens of shopping malls and in the evening we went to the best place for fun , Sixth Street. In the evening when we reached there we find a rocking music concert after few meters. Every few feet we are hearing a different kind of music. We came back from the sixth street at late night and start preparing our luggage back to the India, as in the morning we have to board a plane at 6:30 Am in the morning . We reach Austin-Bergstrom International airport at 6’O clock and our plane took off at scheduled time . We reach New Delhi at 9’O clock in the morning. I went along with Annie to drop her at her home and after that I went to my house , If I have to compare all my tours and outings that I have till now , the trip to Austin is amazing and unforgettable.

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