The Remarkable Boston

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Destinations : Boston

Boston is largest city New England’s states. Boston is was capital of colonial US .In 19 Century Boston is high technology and research center. it is good place to conduct business. This city is one of best places for tourist. Recent years Boston i s largest city in Us States.

                                                                   The Boston Experience

Hello friends being a Punjabi boy i m always ready to wander any city of world like other Punjabies. It was one of my greatest experience of my life to visit the Boston. I was with my two friends Navneet and Raman. We plan this city to visit because of its one of the most remarkable, diverse, and vibrant metropolitan areas in the world. We start our journey from Amritsar to Delhi by train. It was the August of 2009, we know that the August is the best month to visit the Boston. We reached in Delhi at 4pm and we take a hotel to relax because our flight was at night 2am. We go to hotel and take a breath to take a long journey to Boston.

At mid night 12am we take a cab from hotel to Indira Gandhi International airport. As we know that our flight time is 2am we reached in time at airport. Finally our long journey to Boston Start from Delhi airport. We reached in Boston at 7am according to the USA time zone. We take our luggage and hire a taxi to hotel. We relax there for a while and take bathe and had our breakfast. After breakfast we plan to wander the remarkable city Boston. Before leaving India we studied everything about the Boston and as we know about Boston we wander the city places one by one. The first place that we visited that was Freedom Trail. It was a walk of from the city of Boston to the history landmarks. If you don’t have time for this walk even if you will spend more than 3 hours.  Revolutionary landmarks. That was the awesome place we clicked here so many pics.

After visiting the Freedom Trail we had our lunch at a restaurant and plan to move to the next place. The next places that visited are Quincy Market & Fen way Park.  We enjoy here a lot and take a bus to the hotel. We had our dinner and enjoy the TV show till midnight.

Next morning we got up at 8am and got fresh and had breakfast and again plan to discover the diverse city Boston. That day we take a bus not a cab and go to the Boston Public Garden which is located along Charles Street which is adjacent to Boston Common. Very much popular Swan Boats which were first invented in around 1877 by Robert Paget, returned to Boston Public Garden every spring. This business starts from mid of April till mid of September. The business is still operated by owner of the boats. When winter starts, the pond is open to ice skaters. After Enjoying much time, we go to the Museum of Science Boston's museums are one of the most attraction and are as good as any you will find in the world. There are more than 400 interactive exhibits. Virtual Fish Tank is one of them which is my favorite, an IMAX theater.

After visiting the places we enjoy our lunch at a restaurant and plan for the further place New England Aquarium. We Want to see penguins play and see smile of lions also. In New England Aquarium, Boston's perpetually is popular family attractions. Once you enter there, you will find yourself immersed in a watery world. You can wave your flippers( a shoe for swimming) at cavorting sea lions and can press your nose right up against the glass of the poisonous fish tank - if you dare. That was the cheerful experience we clicked there so many pics and enjoy here a lot.

Then we move to the next place that was the Boston Harbor Islands Want to hike, swim, explore the ruins of an old fort and camp out under the stars at a national park. Whether you believe it or not, but you can enjoy by doing all of these things without leaving the city of Boston. We visit Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation place to till 8pm and plan to enjoy the Nightlife in Boston thrives with its many theaters pubs, bars, and clubs. If you enjoy simply sitting cozy at a piano bar or lively night-on-the-town - whatever your like, this section will flash some light on Boston at night. That was the awesome night of my life.

Next morning we woke up late at 10am and get fresh and had our breakfast and decided to spent a wonderful lat day at Boston. First of all we went a museum which depicts of Natural history. Harvard is the most visited place as regard teens or adults are concerned. The place is popular for its scenic beauty and if we talk about museums , these museums are famous for its 15000+ specimens of dinosaurs, whale skeletons and the tiniest insects. These were the awesome place at one place. We take here many pics and make may pose, we enjoy here a lot.

After visiting these places we had our lunch but it was too late, it was 4pm when we had our lunch. After enjoying a show here we decide to a dinner at cruise . We enjoy our three hour dinner at cruise on Boston's famous harbor. Enjoy fine dining, award-winning wines, and entertainment perfectly suited to the evening. Sit and relax as we listen to the music or take a stroll on the decks of Boston's premier dining ship as the city floats on by. That was my first experience of dinner in cruise. After enjoying that wonderful dinner in cruise we back to the hotel and packed our bags to leave the remarkable city Boston in next morning. Next morning we had our break fast and hire a cab to the airport. We still remember that experience of the most remarkable, diverse, and vibrant metropolitan areas in the world The Boston.

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