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Destinations : Sydney

Sydney's in Australia is favorite city for every one to visit and enjoy the beautiful days of life. When there is so much places to view in Sydney . There is cafes and shopping to visit and enjoy there.they near places are also memorable.

Hello friends, I am Kartik, I love to travel . I live in Shimla, capital of Himachal Pradesh, in the month of December I got a chance to visit Sydney along with my colleague Sohan, one of the most charming city of the world . Before we can start our journey we decided to collect all the information that we can through internet, magazine and travel guides. One week prior to our tour we listed some of the well known places like Opera House, Bondi beach and Blue Mountains. Since both of us are working and could manage to have one day leave from work schedule so we decided to move on Thursday from Shimla so that we can come back by Saturday and take appropriate rest before resuming work on Monday. I will share with you my experience over the trip to Sydney. We started very early in the morning as in the midway we have to take a train to reach New Delhi. When we started from Shimla it was very dark and at 2:30 Am we board a bus to Kalka. At 6:30 Am we board a train to New Delhi and at 10:30 Am sharp we reach New Delhi . Since our flight is scheduled at 12:30 from Indra Gandhi International Airport, which is just half an hour run from New Delhi Railway station so we decided to visit to the nearest bank and exchange some currency there. I still remember that we reached airport at before 12 noon.

After passing through the security checks we board our flight well in time before the final call for the passengers. Since we know that the flight is going to last for about almost 14 hours so we are quite relaxed and even I got enough sleep on the way. When we land in Sydney it was 9:00 Am there. Since both of us had a good sleep on the way so we decided to have some lite snacks at the airport. After taking the snacks we hire a taxi for Sydney Opera House. One of the greatest marvels of the Australia.

Sydney Opera House

It is the famous place which is a major source of attraction for the tourists. We enjoyed a lot there, as it is place of beauty and an historical place , we clicked many pictures there with different posses, we really enjoyed a lot there. After spending good two hour there we decided to go the Harbor Bridge which is not too far from there. The view of the Opera House looks even more beautiful from the bridge. One of the local told us that it took almost 8 years to complete this bridge . After spending some time there we decided to have some fun and thus decided to go to the one of the famous amusement park, Luna Park of Sydney.

Barbour Bridge

There is no entry fee to the park and you have to pay according to the game which one wants to pay whether it is a roller coaster or Columbus ride or water sports or space shuttle. Then we went to the park, it is great place to enjoy and time pass as many things are there in this park. Since the offers a class dining facility so we decided to have our dinner there only. We reach at the hotel at 10:30 PM as we already had our dinner at Luna Park we went to our respective rooms. I woke up early in the morning as I am very excited as we have to go the Bondi beach, I am more excited because I have never been to beach in my life.

Bondi beach

I convinced Sohan that first we will go to the beach and then later in the evening to the Blue Mountains. We came to know from the reception that the beach is just 30 minutes drive from the hotel. Beach has spectacular ocean view and one can swim surf and if have a dive certification can take scuba dive. There are many hotels, clubs and pubs near the beach, which attracts us the most. It is a nice place to hang out with friends and family as there are many family themed hotels and clubs near the beach.

Blue Mountains

It is a beautiful place with water parks and many water games like, roller coaster through the water and many more. It seems to be an artificial beach but acts as original due to its presentation and designing, sandy things and many more. We enjoyed a lot there , many children were enjoying with the games and many food points were there in the park . We enjoyed at the beach a lot and after relaxing in the sun we went to the hotel and had lunch there. From the we went to the famous Blue Mountains.

Luna Park

We came to know that the this park has got many awards due to its presentation and finishing, as it helps a lot in economical development through the tourists. It also offer a Great Dividing Range, which stretches from Gippsland region of Victoria in the south to the tropical rainforests of north Queensland. Mountain biking (cycling) has become very popular and on your way one can see them in numbers.

After spending a good time at the Blue Mountains we rushed to the city again which is not too far from there, we reached Sydney in a hour at around eight. I was tired I don’t know why and I asked Sohan to accompany me to the club where we can drink and dance. Our taxi driver told us that this place is beautiful and bombastic. We enjoyed a lot at this place, we stayed to enjoy till late night. Finally I and Sohan rushed to a club and had a chill out there. On our way back to the hotel Sohan also did some shopping I don’t know how much dollars he had given to the salesman boy for a the bottle of whiskey , which he brought for his uncle .We went to the hotel from the wine shop and went to our room. In the morning I woke up early as we have to board a plane at 9:30 in the morning.

We reached Kings ford Smith Airport at 8’O clock well in time and had our breakfast there. We board the plane by 9:15 Am fifteen ahead of the take off time. I don’t know how the time had elapsed and we reach New Delhi at 7’O clock in the evening. From the airport we hire a cab for the bus stop and fortunately we got a direct bus to Shimla. Our bus to Shimla started at 8:30 and we reach Shimla at 7’O clock in the morning .Both Sohan and me are working in the same office so I decided to go with Sohan, who had a car and from there we went to the office. Really we spent a very good time and I will say that my trip to Sydney is among one of the best I have ever had in my life.

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