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Destinations : Maldives

"Indian Ocean Maldive is an island nation . Maldive in Asia smallest small in both population and area but it is double chain of 26 atools. Maldives name come from Mahal'deeb.if you finding smallest country in world Maldives are in that countries.Maldives in Asia popular resort area of the world "

                                                                                A Trip to Maldives

Maldives is the smallest country in Asia. We were two friends when we visited the Maldives. It was the winter month December of 2009. We started our journey from Delhi by flight at 10am. Maldives time zone is -0:30 hour behind India. Flight took time from Delhi to Maldives is 4 hours 10 minutes. The Maldives, officially Republic of Maldives also referred to as the Maldive Islands, is an island nation in the Indian Ocean formed by a double chain of twenty-six atolls oriented north-south off India's Lakshadweep islands, between Mini-coy Island and Chagos Archipelago. It stands in the Laccadive Sea, about seven hundred kilometers (435 mi) south-west of Sri Lanka and (250 mi) south-west of India. During the colonial era, the Dutch referred to the country as "Maldivische Eilanden" in their documentation, while "Maldive Islands" is the anglicized version of the local name used by the British, which later came to be written "Maldives".

Maldives is a destination for beautiful beaches, diving and other basic tropical island activities, hot a variety of attractions. Resorts at Maldives are generally expensive but with a high standard. It is one of the best honeymoon destinations. We reach Male International airport at 2:15 pm. We took a cab to hotel and take a rest there. We had our lunch and decide to discover the Maldive that we here about it that it is a paradise on earth, and real y we find that it is a heaven on earth. Maldives is a group of atolls. There are two main towns in Maldives, Male and Sheenu make for a nice day trips. The Maldives are the smallest Asian country in both population and land area. This is lowest country on the planet. This is just 1.5 meters above the sea level. This is also the country with the lowest highest point in the world, at around 2.3 meters the Maldives sinking is a great concern for the Maldivian people.

We start our journey from Male The National Museum. Situated in sultans park, it is a most visited place. The museum is set on the remaining structure of sultans place. Museum exhibits variety of things used by former sultans for eg. Palanquins, statues, thrones and many other antique articles. It shows the rich cultural heritage of Maldives, hosting pre colonial and colonial era.

We clicked there many pics, and start our journey to the next awesome place that was the Friday Mosque, also called Huskuru Miskiiy, is a grand and principal Mosque in Maldives. This spectacular land mark was built in 11th century by Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar , it displays the architecture of by gone times. It has eminent golden dome, making it unique for almost 4 centuries. Mosque is built in a large area , it can host more than 5 thousand people at a time. Its magnificent coral engravings, wooden door and minarets depict the importance of this mosque and the rich heritage of the country. We wander this place and we enjoy here a lot. It was evening when we came out of this place. Then we decide to enjoy this evening at beach. We go the beach and make some pics. and came back to the hotel. We had our our dinner and lay on bed and enjoy Indian & Maldives TV channel to late night.

Next morning we headed towards enjoying more of this country. We went to the famous Felivaru Fisheries Complex , a fish canning factory in Felivaru , a tourist attraction in Lhaviyani Atoll. Started in 1978, as the first fish canning factory, still processes canned tuna for both export and local use. After this we went to Iguru , an island located in Maldives. At present it is known as angsana resort and spa Maldive Ihuru'. Although this island was opened in 2001, many people are of the opinion that it was one of the genes which was lost earlier in Indian ocean. It is round in shape and a very good destination with regards to snorkeling. We enjoy on the beaches of the Ihuru and it was the great experience.

After wander this place we had our lunch and plan to visit the next atolls. The Ari Atoll or natural Atoll located in Maldives. It is one of the largest Atolls on the western side of archipelago. That was the astonishingly beautiful atolls. It is considered the best tourist place in Maldives. There are so many atolls in Maldives to visit we visited so many, but we did not visit all because of shortage of time.

We also visited some other places like Luxurious resorts are a great fun for everyone, even if you are alone, they are great gateway for wealthy tourists. Amenities at resorts made us to wish for a second visit to Maldives. The last night at Maldives we enjoy the night out in Maldives beaches.

Next morning we packed our luggage as our flight is scheduled in the morning at 11'O clock . We had our breakfast and take a cab to the airport. We reached at airport well in time to avoid any last minute hurry . I still remember our plane take off at sharp 11:15 in the morning and we reached at New Delhi airport at 3:30 pm according to the Indian time Zone. It was the awesome experience of Maldives atolls. Now i m really agreed with all those says that Maldives is really paradise on earth.

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