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Destinations : London

London is capital of great Britain. It is also capital of finance. London is famous for its parks and gardens.

                                                                            London Trip

Four of us (Navneet, Shekhar, Sushil, & me) planned a trip to London and without making any delay we leave Delhi late in the day on May 20th for an adventure to London. Although it will not be a real slow trip it will be a trip of a lifetime. Our friends, Navneet and Shekhar, have come along with us. They have decided to take side trips to Liverpool after London. We started our journey from Chandigarh to Delhi by train at 7 AM. and we took the flight to London at 1 P.M. from Delhi. The time difference between Delhi and London is 4:30 hours. The flight goes well and we land at Heath row at 5pm according to England time. We take the train into London, which takes only 45 minutes. We directly go to hotel and we spent that evening in hotel after the tedious journey. The accommodations are simple but clean and it is a good location on Belgrave Road not far from Victoria Station.

Next morning we get an early start and had our breakfast & plan to wander the financial city of UK. We are excited and take the bus to Westminster Abbey and Big Ben and then the Tube over to Buckingham Palace. There is not much activity except for us tourists and it is now raining pretty steadily. After a short time we decide that since Sushil is a big Beatles fan we take the Tube to Abbey Road.
Abbey Road is in a very nice residential area in St. John's Wood and the Abbey Road Recording Studio still exists but may now be owned by someone other than the Beatles. We take pictures of ourselves walking on the famous crosswalk and sign the "graffiti wall" outside Abbey Road Studios. While standing outside, we wonder how much musical history had been made inside the studio. We then take separate excursions: Shekhar and Navneet to the British Museum and Sushil and me to the Madame Tussaud Wax Museum. The British Museum has extensive displays of artifacts from ancient Egypt and Greece that were very impressive. We found that England Museums do not charge for admission whereas the churches do charge for admission such as Westminster Abbey. In Italy it is the opposite for admission charges. That night as Shekhar and Navneet call it an early night, Sushil and me decide to check out Chinatown, Soho and the West End, which are all along the bus line and easy to get to. The area is buzzing and we enjoy the atmosphere while at the same time getting ideas for the day ahead.

Next Morning we decide to visit the Tower of London & The London Eye we had our break- fast and go to discover the Tower of London & The London Eye. This is one of the greatest attraction in London. It defines the history of London along with the exact facts and figures of London's truths. These attractions are the astonishing. We spent our whole day in both these site and at evening back to the hotel.
Next morning after breakfast we gather our belongings and take a taxi to the auto rental, which is located on the west side of Bath five kilometers away. We have decided to visit Stonehenge not because we yearn to see it but mostly out of curiosity and it is not far out of our way. We are glad we were curious. It turns out to be more than imagined. First of all it is a sunny day with 25 degree temperature, not typical weather for England and even more fortunate for us, the weather would continue and be even better for the remainder of our stay in England. We receive an audio guide, which is included in the admission and it is very informative and makes the visit worthwhile. This short visit turns out to be a very memorable one. Now it is on to South Devon where Bob's genealogy search has brought him.
After Stonehenge we then set out for South Devon, which is also known as the South Hams and Southwest England. It takes us three hours from Stonehenge to arrive in the village of Street which is near Dartmouth. We unpack and decide to explore the area. We drive along the road parallel to the ocean and 10 minutes later we arrive in Slapton Sands, which was known as a training area for American troops prior to the D-Day invasion. After the war it was learned that American troops were attacked by German E-Boats at Slapton Sands one night during a training mission called Operation Tiger. This was kept secret for many years and later it was learned that more than 700 lives were lost that night. Today a Sherman Tank sits across from the beach as a Memorial to the soldiers who lost their lives that night. We take a short drive inland to Stokenham and arrive at St. Michaels Church.

On Next morning, we decide to attend the one of the great places in Britain. This place is purely a symbol a Britain's history and the place is Britain's well known British Museum. This museum is among the most visited tourists places in England. The place is too spacy and large and before walking in here i will recommend you to hire a guide otherwise you will be lost. This museum is damn interesting and if you are a museum lover you can spend lot of days here. The exhibitions are simply knowledgeable and alluring .

After an afternoon nap we drive twenty minutes over the country roads to East Allington and the Fortes cue Arms for dinner. The roads are so narrow it is barely possible for two cars to go by each other and we need to locate small cutouts in the hedgerows for two vehicles to pass. These hedgerows are so high we cannot see above them to view the countryside. This is the case all over this area, not just in East Allington.

In the evening we all packed our luggage as our flight is scheduled early in the morning at 4'O clock . We woke up early in the morning and hire a cab to the airport it was half an hour drive from our hotel to the airport. We reached at airport well in time to avoid any last minute hurry . I still remember our plane take off at sharp 5:15 in the morning and we reached at New Delhi airport at 9'o Clock according to the Indian time Zone. From there we luckily got a AC bus to Chandigarh , and we reached in Chandigarh at 2:30 PM and from there everyone said good bye to one another and i too left for my house. Literally it was one of the best tour of my life.

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