Three days trip to San Francisco

Posted On : 06/28/2011
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Destinations : San Francisco

San Francisco is forteenth most popular city in America. It has population around 745, 000. It was founded in 1776.

                                                                       Three day trip to San Francisco

Its been like home to office and office to home on the busy street and crowd of New Delhi. I am tired of the work and wan to have a break as its been long I have gone outside the city, and for that sake I am thinking of overseas this time. First I would like to introduce myself I am Vivek and I love to travel. I will share my experience with you while I was on tour to San Francisco. I still remember on last working day of May,2011 I asked my friends to have some break from the busy schedule and all started suggesting names of the cities where on can go around Delhi , as I already have been to most of the tourist places in India and this time I want to go overseas , a close friend of mine Ashish had same views and he told me that it would be great if we could go the San Francisco, United States , and I don’t know I said yes instantly. I searched on the internet about the places of interest out there in San Francisco and start collecting information about the place.



Ultimately we booked two tickets to San Francisco . I and Ashish meet at the airport on Friday evening as our flight is scheduled at 8:30 in the evening , I was surprised to see Ashish as he is carrying a heavy luggage , giving me the reflection as he is going to spent whole week there. At sharp 8:35 PM our plane started off to San Francisco , we have been intimated by the plane crew that it’s a long journey so be relaxed , after having our dinner I don’t know when I got sleep , when I woke up I found Ashish shaking my shoulder trying to wake me up and when I opened my eyes I found all the passengers getting out of the plane . Finally we have reached San Francisco , we hire a cab from the airport and move straight to the hotel. Upon reaching the hotel we had our morning meal and started discussing about which place to visit first. Both of us agreed that we will go to see the Golden Gate bridge and then in the evening we will went to visit the world famous park.

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge is a technical masterpiece, was designed by engineer Joseph Strauss. It took five years to complete the construction process that is from 1933 to 1937 and it was the tallest bridge in the world. It was build to connect the two major cities that is San Francisco and Marin County, the tourists came here from the whole world an it is also the most noticeable place for tourists. The great attraction of Golden gate bridge is Bicycle lanes and footpaths which make it more beautiful.

Golden Gate Park

After having a view of the bridge we went to hotel and enjoy the lunch there . After having our lunch we started towards the Golden Gate Park which is near the Golden Gate Bridge.


Within twenty minutes we reached at Golden Gate park. This park is one of the largest and famous park among tourists. This park is like a hub or collection of lot f eucalyptus trees and rolling lawns. Park offers a lot of activities for its visitors. You will hardly find people here who are sitting still, most of them will be found doing some activities. The park also hosts concerts, events and festivals. This park attract more than 15 million visitors every year which is not less than a record. The Park is located in downtown San Francisco. In the evening we after having our dinner at the hotel we went to market , Ashish fond of shopping had purchased some stuff for his parents.

On Saturday we have planned that we will go the Alcatraz , Chinatown and Academy of Sciences . Upon reaching the Alcatraz is the place where country's most notorious criminals were imprisoned. This prison is not less than a lighthouse and a military base camp which was mostly active during 1969 to 1971 for a duration of 19 months. It was occupies by local people of America who wanted to build an educational centre there.

When we reached Academy of Sciences at 7’O clock it was closed and we missed the chance to go inside , both of us console each other by saying the similar words some other time. When we reach at the hotel I was feeling bit tired so I ordered a drink Ashish also accompanied me and after that we had our dinner and go to the bed . Really I got a sound sleep on that day . Ashish woke me up and told that today we will go the sea side , and he told me that we will go to the Fisherman’s Wharf , I agreed at the first instance as I really don’t know where it was

We came back early in the evening to the hotel as in the evening we have to go back to India and moreover our flight is scheduled at 9’O clock. We pack our luggage and the items that we have purchased and move to the airport which is half an hour drive from the hotel . When I reached Delhi I am feeling very relaxed and charged. Really I would say that the trip to San Francisco is one of my best tours and I will remember that forever.

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