Five days Tour to Los Angeles

Posted On : 06/28/2011
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Destinations : Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the second largest city of United States, as it has surrounded with large area also in terms of population it is very large. It is also the center of trading and information.

                                                                   Five days tour to Los Angeles

Hello friends, first of all I would like to introduce myself I am Vivek , traveling is one of my passion whenever I get a chance rare are the occasions I am going to miss it. Recently I got a chance to visit one of the finest cities of United States, that is Los Angeles with my elder brother . I am very excited about the visit as I have never been to that part of the world. Moreover I had a advantage that I am travelling with my brother who is almost settled there . My brother had already told me that he had done all the booking for Friday and just keep your luggage ready. I kept all the stuff in the luggage that I really love to wear. Since our flight is scheduled in the evening at 7:00 PM , we started from Chandigarh at 1’o clock after having our lunch and as far as I remember we reached at New Delhi Bus Stop at 5:15 PM. From bus stop we take a metro to the airport and within half an hour we reached at the airport. After crossing through all the checkpoints finally we are inn at 6:30 PM well in the plane. Once we are in the plane we have been told that it is a long journey and will take approximately 16 hours to reach Los Angeles , so be relax and feel comfortable. I still remember when I heard a woke up call from the crew to tighten our seat belt as we are landing in Los Angeles it was 9’O clock by my watch.

Downtown LA

From Los Angeles airport it took almost two hours to reach the place where my brother is staying . I still remember I was completely feeling tired from such a long journey so I decided to took rest on that day although my brother had left for the office. I take rest for the whole day I woke up at 7in the evening . Since I have very limited time so I started to look for the places that I can visit around LA. I told my brother that we will go to the movie tomorrow , he also got agreed as it was Sunday. We went to the Mann theater there in the afternoon and watched a horror movie there. It was a short movie as every Hollywood movie was , and we are finished at 2:30 PM and from there we rushed towards the Griffith park as my brother told me that the place was full of recreational activities.

Griffith Observatory

There is also a park located near Hollywood district . Is is having lot of facilities and more things that makes the place beautiful like planetarium and observatory and lot more attractions. The scenario is pretty beautiful and scenic beauty is just awesome , you can also enjoy pony rides there. A science exhibition is also offered by planetarium. When we came back it was very dark so we decided to went to the hotel for dinner as both of us are tired , we reached home at 10:30 PM I directly go the bed since my brother switched on the TV set and started watching TV .

Venice beach

In the morning I was left alone as my brother had left for his office , I searched on the internet about the places that I can visit in and around the LA. I came to know that I can go to the Hollywood the place where some of world's best studios are located. Los Angeles is the entertainment and film capital of Hollywood and the Hollywood is all about glamour, money , fame success. I was really shocked when I see Tom Cruise there along with some of the supporting crew. It was really a great day of my life and I wish I would remember this day forever.

On Tuesday I have already planned to go to the beach side, I found that Malibu beach and Venice beach are some of the favorite destination . Really Venice beach is the place in Los Angeles where everyone goes.

Malibu Beach

After having some fun on the Venice beach I thought it will be good if I could go the Malibu beach, and at 4’O clock I hired a cab from Venice to Malibu and reached there at past four. I found some of the most beautiful beaches in Los Angeles.  The people living there are very rich, most of them are movie stars and businessman.


On Wednesday I thought that my tour to LA would be of no use if I could not go to the Disneyland. I took my morning meal at 9’O clock and went straight to the Disneyland. I reach there within an hour and when I reached there I started recalling my childhood days. Truly I will say that , Disneyland is one of the most famous part of America. Not only kids and teens but adults too love this place. It was designed by Walt Disney and family in 1955. It is the most beautiful attraction for local people and visitors. The park is also further divided into many parts which hosts the different events like riding, dining experiences and entertainment shows.

In the evening went to the Downtown LA and went to the shopping mall over there , you will find the shopping center and restaurants in abundance. When I reach home I started to pack my luggage as I have been granted a tourist visa for only five days. In the evening I sleep early as my flight is scheduled in the early morning at 4’O clock. My brother came along with me to drop me at the airport. At 7:00 Pm in the evening I reached New Delhi , from there I hire a cab for bus stop and luckily I got the ticket easily for Chandigarh. And finally I reached Chandigarh at 12:30 in the midnight . I told to my friend to pick me from the Sector – 17 bus stop when I was on the way to Chandigarh, I would say that the trip to Los Angeles was one of the best tour of my life.

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