Five days in New York City

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New York is largest city of United States. Warhols and Pollocks at MoMA are the most attraction points there which should not be missed at any cost.

Five Days in New York City

Hello friends I am Rameshu and I am going to share with you the experience one of the beautiful city of USA ,the New York city. In mid of the last July my friend Sushil emailed me asking if I'd like to go to New York with him. Being a phari boy I am always ready to wander the world with Friends. I instantly reply him and ask about dates he told me 17th July and we plan our this trip to New York . On Saturday July 17, Sushil drove to my house and stayed the night. We left early Sunday. Our journey start from Shimla to Delhi by bus and from where we took a flight to New York. The Time difference between Delhi and New York is 9:30 hours. We took our flight from Delhi at 1:10AM and we reached in New York at 4:40PM. We directly go to hotel and relaxed that day. Next morning we get up and have our breakfast and take a map of New York and hire a cab and start to discover that city.

First we checked in at the hotel nearby and then drove to City. We go to the New York museum we parked in front of the Museum of Jewish Heritage we visit that place and that was the amazing experience. Then after that we go to a restaurant and have our lunch. And then we went to next the Skyscraper Museum in city and wander the city.

In the evening, at a pizza place we met with an Indian man Navneet he was also from Himachal and we enjoyed some great Long Island pizza. Then we drove to the beach, which Smithtown maintains on Long Island Sound. It was a beautiful evening, and Sushil climbed up one of the sand dunes along the beach. Then we drove to Port Jefferson, a nearby beach town, that had a lively night scene - most of the stores were still open at 9pm, and we walked around enjoying the resort-feel and watching a giant car ferry from Connecticut come in to the port and then leave. And then we back to motel.

In the morning we had a great hotel breakfast, checked out, and drove to the town of Stony Brook, a very upscale community which has a duck pond that Gabrielle had mentioned the night before. There was a nice shopping area, and Sushil bought a cute pair of shoes, which he wore all over the city in the next few days. A bakery sold duck food, and we found that the ducks were anxious to be fed. Next we went to the Country Store, near Smithtown in the town of St James. It was exactly like an old country store, and we had fun looking around and purchased a nickle bottle of Coke , some chocolate, and a few other things. I wanted to see the church, so we stopped there and went inside. A mass had just started, so we slipped into a pew and took part in it.

We spent the rest of the day in Massapequa and Massapequa Park. Late in the afternoon we checked into a Best Western hotel there. After dinner at a very nice restaurant we back to the hotel. Next morning we checked out of the hotel and headed to Jones Beach, about eight miles from where we stayed. When we left the hotel we had to turn right so we did but circled around in a shopping center to be able to go in the opposite direction.

It was a gorgeous day. Jones Beach is a state park and it is just a gorgeous beach, several miles long and right on the Atlantic. The waves were rolling in and we got in and had a ball in the rough surf. It was just wonderful. About 1pm we got out and changed and started driving to NYC. On the way we stopped at a Panera Bread for lunch. It was very busy for 2:30pm. Back in the van, we drove to our hotel on 8th Ave in Manhattan, near Times Square. Times Square being pedestrian-only, etc. - everything you can imagine. Then approaching the hotel we missed the entrance to the parking garage and had to go all the way around again. On our way back toward the hotel we went into a building that had a Whole Foods in the basement. I've never been in one before, so we went in. It was packed with people, but it was easy to see why it is so popular - the food looked wonderful.

Wednesday morning we enjoyed a great breakfast with lots of choices. We took the subway all the way downtown where we walked past the former site of the World Trade Center and then found a great store with lots of clothes for us. A few purchases later, we walked to Battery Park to see the Statue of Liberty.

Then we turned around and walked north, past all the Wall Street buildings. When we came to Chinatown, we walked around and decided to eat there. We picked a restaurant at random and went in. We had a great meal - tea, soup for all, three platters of different specialties, rice, and a fortune cookie each for under $20. The food was very good too. We walked up through Soho, looking at more-upscale shops. We were heading for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We decided to take the subway north. When we came out of the subway about three blocks from the Met, it was really raining.

We started to walk toward the Met, stopping to shelter where stores had awnings. We had some good snacks - cookies and cakes - at the shop, and when we left the rain was abating slightly. We walked to the Met and were glad to get inside. We had only about two hours before the Met closed. It is a place where you could spend days.

We hurried back to the hotel and changed for dinner and our theater reservations, 'The Little Mermaid'. We were a little pressed for time so we found a nice-looking restaurant near the theater and went in. It turned out to have good food. Katelyn and I both had the plate of three mini-burgers, and the garlic mayonnaise we were given to put on our burgers was out of this world. Then we went to the Lunt-Fontanne Theater for 'The Little Mermaid'. It was just wonderful.
After another great breakfast, we took the subway downtown to 14th street. I had learned on the SlowTrav North America Forum that there is a new pedestrian trail in Manhattan, and we wanted to walk it. It is called the High Line. The High Line is not yet completed; about half of it is still being worked on. It is an old elevated train route. You climb some stairs to get on it. Then it is pedestrian-only, and very attractive. You can see a lot of the river from the trail, since it is elevated. There is very nice landscaping and there are benches for relaxing on the way. It is just really neat. There is a new area of the museum called Human Origins, which was wonderful. The new Human Origins had casts of some of the wonderful things I had seen at that exhibit. It was an excellent exhibit.

I walked around a little afterward and then walked out and down through Central Park. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed this walk very much. I walked down to the TKTS booth on Times Square and got in line. The line at TKTS was long but it moved fast. We debated which show to get tickets for. An electronic board near the end of the line showed what shows were available and at what discount. An employee of the TKTS came by and we asked her if 'Altar Boyz' was good and she said yes; in fact, she knew one of the performers. So we got tickets to it. The theater was very near our hotel. It was in a newer building that contained several small theaters. We loved 'Altar Boyz' too. We had great seats. The show was five young guys singing and dancing. I would describe it as a take-off on organized religion, and it was hilarious.

After, we walked down to Times Square and got cheesecake slices at a deli and sat outside at a table to eat them. Times Square was all pedestrian and full of small red tables and chairs, for anyone to use. The cheesecake was great and we really enjoyed looking at all the famous signs all lit up. We returned to the hotel and put the final items in our luggage. It was time to leave. When we left, we were on our way back home. We go to the NewYork International airport and took the return flight to India. Our trip to New York was wonderful in every way. We'll have some great memories of our trip.


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