My unforgettable trip to Australia

Author : Ojaswi Arora
Posted On : 06/10/2011
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Destinations : Australia

Australia is the country where natural beauty is alive. Natural deserts, beaches can be seen here. This is very beautiful country.

My Unforgettable trip to Australia

One of my friend while gossiping talk about to plan a trip to Australia. All got shocked by his sudden plan for trip. But then everybody was like so excited to go to that place. So, the first thing we did was to book our flight for the same so one of us start searching for the flight and we planned our trip for the next week and all were busy in doing packing for the trip and each n everybody was so excited to go there.

Day - 1
Finally we started our journey from Delhi airport. It was around 21 hrs way to reach Australia. We all were doing planning for the trip that what to do first and what next. We were 6 in number. When you think about Australia, you will most likely think of the outback and kangaroos, so did us.
Day - 2

We reached at 3:00 clock in the morning and relatives of one of my friend came to pick us from the airport. They were so nice that they arranged hotels for us to stay. We went to our hotel rooms and were so tired that all of us go to sleep and at morning 10'o clock i we all were ready for our first destination and that was Cairns. Cairns is the wild world. We looked at all the animals and took a photo with a Koala. The koalas were extremely shy and rather drugged up but were immensely cute to cuddle up to. I had never come so close to "wild" animals, so was a bit worried when kangaroos actually ate from the palm of my hand. I was also shocked when we watched the bullfrog race, it was utterly disgusting and something I'd rather not see again, however lots of young kids participated in the race and grabbed them by their legs. We saw different kinds of mammals, reptiles and birds.

Our next destination was Fitzroy Island. The Island is located at a distance which can be covered in only 45 minute from Cairns, Australia by fast catamaran and till now it is one of the most unspoilt islands. Wow the island was gorgeous! There was also a pool in the middle of the resort. The bunk house we stayed was not all that thrilling. It was like a 2 minute walk from the main part and the walk was very scary in the middle of the night from the showers. The trees were so high up it was as if we were living in the middle of a jungle. What an experience. A bunk house full of lizards and spiders and bright blue deco.

Fitzroy Island

In the evening time, we plan to go to Great barrier reef . It is larger than the Great Wall of China and the only living thing on earth visible from space. From the many species of coral to the sought after Black Marlin and all sizes and species of fish in-between. It was a great fun there. The view was so beautiful. We spent the whole day sunbathing with the other tourists from American and UK. We also went for white water rafting . Now it was the time to pack and go back to hotel. We enjoyed a lot and very tired too and were very excited for next day too.

Great barrier reef

Day - 4
Next morning all were ready to visit Sydney Opera House, one of the famous spot of Sydney. This is one of the Sydney's best-known landmark and international symbol. Opera House looks remarkable if you look it outside the Sydney and if you get closer to this you can see several of the million or so ceramic tiles covering the Sydney Opera House shells. There are four auditoriums inside Opera House , showing music, theater, ballet and film performances. Sydney Opera House also has a number of restaurants which serve fabulous food and a small gift store. We did shopping there and had eatables.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the worlds finest, enjoy the view and its dynamic nature. It was really very large and view was just awesome. As it was the last day of our trip we did a lot of shopping there and roam on the streets as well.

Sydney Harbour Bridge
Finally it was the day to leave for Delhi. My friend relatives drop us to airport. It was such an amazing and wonderful trip. We enjoyed a lot. Everyday was just more and more exciting. This was the best trip we had. We will plan one more trip soon . Then i will share more experiences here.

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