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Destinations : Bangalore, Mysore, Ooty

Bangalore is the capital city of karnataka. As there are so many gardens and parks in Bangalore so it is called as the "Garden city of India". Nandi hills is the most attraction point in Bangalore. Because of many IT industies it is called as "Silicon Valley of India".

Bangalore known as the Silicon Valley of India.

Mysore the sobriquet Cultural capital of Karnataka.

Ooty is the headquarter of Nilgiris district also know as "Bollywood hill stations"

In the month of June on dated June 10, 2009 Me and my friend decided to go to south India 15 days tour.
One month before we started preparation, all possible arrangements have been made. We gathered every information about Bangalore, Mysore & Ooty, what to be taken, where to visit and all that.
After collecting all information and we booked online ticket from Chandigarh to Bangalore. It was
different experience of my life. We heard many times by bill gates that south Indians are most intelligent people in world .
I was bit nervous because i had to get flight first time in life. I was feeling happy at least we do not
passport and visa for roaming around in India because my brother worked hard to get visa for Europe countries. After getting ticket confirmed by kingfisher on http://www. makemytrip. com/.
We made booking for hotels.
Flight from Chandigarh was around 10:30am we reached there around 8:30 am to complete all the formalities before that.

It was my first visit to south India and my first flight too.

Finally we landed at Bangalore airport . The temperature was about 29 degree Celsius.

Scene at Bangalore Airport

Bangalore Airport

Bangalore is nicknamed the Garden City and was once called a pensioner's paradise. Bangalore is India's third most populous city because of its pleasant weather, clean roads, modern building & educated people, it attracts visitors from all around the world. Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka, therefore, it also has technological significance as it is also known as the Information Technology Hub of India. Bangalore is home to the Kannada(Karnataka's Language) films. Every year around 70 Kannada movies are produced and released.
We took a taxi to our hotel ATRIA hotel. Taxi person was speaking Kannada but when we started to talk in English then he replied us in English.
First day we had a rest in hotel and talk with some peoples about their culture.
Next day we went to Videotape Southpaw, and met with a English guide there. He told us that this is not just magnificent granite building, but a most prominent landmark of Bangalore city.
Then after half an hour rest we went Tipu Sultan fort
The Tipu Sultan Fort is also a famous place to visit in Ooty. I met with a guide(Ravi) there who told us about the history of this fort. He told us that this fort was built in 1537 by the great Tipu Sultan. Ravi guided us to Tipu Sultan Palace which is mainly made wood and you can see the great work of artistry of that time, resembles the Islamic design. Also know as summer retreat great Tipu Sultan. We also saw a Ganapati Temple there inside the fort. we also enjoyed visiting the fort's garden. Then we went to museum, we you can see many things from the time period of Tipu Sultan and Haider Ali.

Tipu-Sultan Fort

We got some knowledge about these sultans who were the characters for us till now, because we only studied about them in our school curriculum.
We were very tired. We had taken our dinner outside the fort and relaxed for 15 minutes. We went back to our hotel and talked for 2 hours about today. We were happy to see south India, but roads were crowdy. It had taken 1hour to return hotels.
In next four days we went to Lalbagh Gardens, Cubbon Park, Nandi Hills, Bannerghatta National
Park, Ulsoor Lake Many Religious Places like Nandi Bull Temple, ISKCON Temple Complex and
Venkataramana Swami Temple.
Nandi hill is famous for its two temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, One temple is at the bottom and one at the top. We played many games at Nandi hills.

Our next plan was Mysore.

Mysore is worth visiting during Dussehra festival. Mysore is also very famous in garment market for its silk sarees (Hindu Dress). Mysore also lends its name to the Mysore millage, the Mysore style of painting and the sweet dish Mysore Park.
We had not booked any hotel here online so we went to hotels with taxi drivers and booked one
economic hotel.
Next day we started roaming in Mysore.
We went to Maharajah's Palace, which was built in 1912, and is one of the largest palaces in India.

Next two days we went to many places as Mysore Zoo - Sri Chamarajendra Zoological
Gardens, Bylakuppe Buddhist Golden Temple, Srirangapatna&Somnathpur Temples.


We all were tired after so many trips so for one full day we slept and relaxed. Next day we all were with full energy. This immense energy was the energy of curiosity about south from childhood which was flowing in us.
In next three days we went to Himada Gopalswamy Temple, Brindavan Gardens, Chamundi
Temple, Devaraja Fruit & Vegetable Market Thonnur Lake, Melody World Wax Museum and Planet X.
We all were very happy but tired again. Our next target was Ooty, Bollywood hill station of India.

We heard that a walk in the green tea gardens in the morning refresh you like you have taken a cup of Tea. Boating spree offers a panoramic view of Ooty, nobody can forget. For animal lovers, Jungle Safari in Botanical Garden, is like dream come true. So we all were excited by thinking about it. we had taken a rest for one day and next day we were in our dreams.
When we were traveling the weather was very good, even this journey was providing us energy.


Finally we reached there. We booked hotel which had a beautiful scenes from the room window.
We noticed a marvelous change in vegetation, as we went from Kallar to Coonoor. The road side green tea gardens were greeting us with fresh air. Ooty has become famous in world, by the establishment of numerous tea Estates.

We spent one day at Rose garden and botanical garden .

We went to Upper Bhavani, Wenlock Downs, Western Catchments, Kurthukulli Guinness Record village and Kandal cross in two days.
Next day we went to Glen Morgan

Glen Morgan is 17 km away from Ooty, is also adventurous place to visit because of thick forests. More varieties of Trees and species can be seen over here. My one fried was nature lover so we spent one whole day here.
We relaxed here. Our mind was feeling good with our body because we were not in our fast city.
Chandigarh where life is Running with mind but not our heart.
One more day we spent at Tiger Hill, A Beautiful hill on the east side of Udhagamandalam.

Next day we went back to Bangalore airport by Indian railway. this was also get added in our trip. In compartment of train playing Cards with beautiful views of nature from the window of train. It were more awesome than flight.
Next day we were in Chandigarh at 2. 40 am.
Even Now when i watch pics and video, all the memories come to my mind simultaneously. A new energy starts pumping my heart .

I can never forget this trip.

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