Trip to Mussoorie and Nainital

Author : Sahil Sharma
Posted On : 06/04/2011
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Destinations : Mussoorie, Nainital

Nainitalis one of the famous hill station of India. Naini lake is the most attraction point of Nainital as it Naini Lake is with in perimeter of about 2 miles. Nainital is situated around 1950 meters from sea level.

Trip to Musoorie and Nainital( by chance)

We four friends one day sitting on the ridge planning for adventurous trip to a hill station where we can enjoy the natural beauty. One of my friend says that Musoorie is the best option these days. Although the weather would be similar to Shimla. We all decided that all of us would meet at bus stop at sharp 9 PM. We already had our dinner. One of us got late so we missed our first bus and we all had to wait for 1 hour for second bus. Finally after one hour we started our jouney towards Dehradoon. It took almost 8-9 hours to reach there. We decided to go to city after having our breakfast. One of the local person suggested us that Zym Corbett National Park would be one of the best place of the city where we can enjoy the wild nature closely. Our first destination was Mussorie so we decided to visit that first.

About our visit to mussorie..
We took bus from ISBT Dehradoon and started journey towards Musoorie. It was just about 30 kms away from Dehradoon. It took 2 hrs to reach there. It was like a zigzag way and full of thick forest. Finaly we reached Musoorie. As we reached there, it started raining suddenly continuosly for 2 hrs. We waited for rain to stop but it didnt stop so we decided to go to Church (one of the famous place of Mussorie) in that rain only. We had entered Church and we saw Actor Tom Aulter. We were so glad to see such a big personality there. We went to meet him and we had taken autograph from him and clicked pics with him too.
Then we went to market and spent some time there. The view of Mussorie is somewhat similar to Shimla's view. Then we hired a cab for Kampty Fall. The way to Kamty Fall is so adventurous. It was full of sharp curves and road was too narrow. We enjoyod it alot.
View of Kampty Fall
Kampty Fall
Kampty Fall
After reaching there, we saw so many foreigners there. I asked one of the cute girl among them for a pic but at that point of time she refused. I was going back to my friends and they were laughing at me. In the meanwhile , the same girl came to me and said she is ready for the pic. I was so happy to hear that and I called one of my friend to click the pic. I felt so gud to see my friend's face at that time. Then I said thank you to that girl and I introduced her with my friends. Then other ones also had pic with Samantha(her name). Then she introduced us with her family members.
When we reached there one of us told that he had never done boating in his life, although the pond that was formed because of waterfall is small still we spent good 1 hour in boat .since we lost our driver we looked for him in all directions but only God knows where he had eloped . So we hire another cab for Musoorie , it was really good experience with some funny activities.This was one the best waterfall I have ever seen in my life.
Altough we are late for lunch but every body was hungry so we had our lunch there. After lunch we met one of the local person over there as we were talking he told us about Nainital. All of us then decided to go to Nainital.Total distance from Musoorie to Nainital is approximately 250-300 Km. Then we went to Dehradoon bus stand. After reaching there we started towards Nainital in Delux bus. It took about 8 hours to reach there. When we reached at Nainital it was cool breeze was blowing and weather was very pleasant. As we reached there early in the morning. So we got fresh there and had our breakfast. After that we started wondering around lake which has its own beauty. I loved it very much.We did boating there for 1 hour. It covers lot of area approximately 2-3 km length and about 400-500 mt width. During boating we went to Hanuman temple which was on the other side of lake.
View of Nani Lake
Nani Lake
After that we went to famous zoo over there. It took 2 hours to see all wild creature. We saw there lions and all other animals. Really we enjoyed there a lot.
We were very hungry at that time so he had our lunch there and spent some time there in wondering in the market. We did some shopping there, the things were availabe at very expensive prices. Now time to get back to home it was very crucial moment as nobody wants to go back to home, everybody loved this place but we had to go back to home. So we went to bus stop and puchased the ticket for delux bus from Nainital to Dehradoon, and then after Dehradoon to Haridwar. We then went to Harki Paudi and did
"Ganga Snan",then went to all the temples,bowed there and went to market.We went for Shiv Murti Darshan.
Haridwar or 'The Gateway to the Gods' is one of the seven holiest places according to Hindu mythology, as the Gods are believed to have left their footprints in Haridwar.
After that we started off to Shimla.We got the ticket for Delux and reached at Shimla and everybody went to their houses.
Really this is one of the memorable trip of my life. We enjoyed a lot during the trip. I would say Musoorie and Nainital are very beautiful places.


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