Museumsinsel (Museum Island), Berlin - Berlin

The Museumsinsel (Museum Island), Berlin, was made a WHS for its modern museum design and its concept to extend the art museum to all people (by chosing a central urban setting).The development of part of the Spreeinsel into a Museumisland started in the 1820's with the construction of the Altes Museum. In 1841, a masterplan destinated this island for the arts and sciences only. During the following century, four more museums were built: - Neues Museum- Nationalgalerie- Bodemuseum- Pergamonmus

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The Wonderful Berlin
Author:  Aarav | 06/08/2011 | 499
Berlin is capital of Germany. Its about eight time the size of Paris. It has area of around 900 square kilometer. One more thing about Berlin is , the hotels, the restaurants and cafes are less expensive than other cities.......

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Type : Heritage Site
Country: Germany
Continent: Europe
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